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An Intercessors Response to Current Events

January 31st, 2020 Comments off

Is dealing with anger essential for prayer? Important for Strategy? That’s what one intercessor found out when dealing with her anger over current issues.

The following prayer blog was written by Barbara Potts, State Prayer Coordinator of Maryland, USA.

I confess that I find it difficult to hear or read any media reports without anger rising within me. We are in turbulent times. Anger and anger-induced violence are rampant across our nation. An intercessor has observed that a spirit of anger has been released over America, creating a volatile atmosphere. Biblically, God’s anger is against sin, but is motivated by love. For His desire is to protect His seed. However, unredeemed human anger opens up a portal of agreement with the enemy. We must not allow anger to rise up in us, because, in anger we are giving place to the devil. (See Ephesians 4:26-27) As Believers in Christ, we have all authority over the enemy (Luke 10:19), but we can’t cast out what we have come into agreement with. So we find that the enemy uses our unredeemed anger against us to advance his agenda.

On the other hand, as we carry the Spirit of Christ, His Presence in us subdues anger. We must not react from our emotions, but respond from compassion and love. Indeed, “a soft answer turns away wrath.” (Proverbs 15:1) As we walk in forgiveness and love, releasing SHALOM wherever we go, LOVE will displace and dis-empower anger. All of its children, including fear, guilt, and rejection, will also be dismantled.

This is so strategic at this time in order to turn the nation! The enemy uses our anger against us – even our anger against evil. As Graham Cooke says, we must come in the opposite spirit. Let’s agree that we will NOT give any place to the devil or come into agreement with him through our thoughts and emotional responses.
Our only alignment is with God – His nature, His purposes, His Majesty.


• Repent for any and all anger you have held against any situation or any person/people. Ask the Lord to help you to respond in LOVE and compassion that will disempower anger when you feel anger rise up in you. DO NOT LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON YOUR ANGER. (Ephesians 4:26)
• Ask the Lord to release His SHALOM over your nation, over hearts fraught with fear, anger, and retribution; and minds captivated by hatred, suspicion and wounds of the past.
• Ask the Lord to release His SHALOM that subdues chaos, and brings a spirit of UNITY over houses of government where legislation is being mapped out amidst political dissention.
• Ask the Spirit of Christ, His love and compassion, to rise up within you, and do not come into agreement with anger, fear or condemnation. Instead, rise up in faith and trust in God to fight the battles against evil. (Isaiah 59:17-18) He loves to execute righteousness and justice in the earth! (Psalm 103:6)

Let the mind of Christ be in you . . .
Philippians 2:5-11