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Proclaim!  Declare!  Decree!

February 12th, 2018 4 comments

Proclaim!  Declare!  Decree! 

At our Aglow Jubilee Conference a few months ago, Graham Cooke challenged us link our intercession to promise and purpose. As we do this, we pray powerful Kingdom prayers of proclamation, declaration and decree.

Recently, I’ve been asked this question several times, “What is the difference between proclamation, declaration and decreeing when we pray?” Great question!

In the moment of making “proclamation prayers”, I often use these words interchangeably. However, when I stop and think about it and craft my prayer more carefully, there are nuances of difference in their meanings. While we could probably find volumes of books and articles that explain this fully and with great insight, here are some short descriptions I find helpful.

This is more of a legal term. It is a command that sets something in place legally. It is aligning things on earth with heaven, bringing heaven’s rule, law or government into earth. It is an expression of God’s Kingdom government to align, shift or even invade earth and the systems of the world with the majesty of God.

How about if we make a simple decree for God’s favor upon Aglow International? That sounds like a great prayer!

We decree the favor of God upon Aglow International.

This is a prayer that aligns Aglow with the favor of God and renounces anything that comes against His favor. This firmly establishes that the favor of God is upon Aglow.

A declaration announces full support of something or makes our position clear. Let’s turn our prayer for the favor of God upon Aglow International into a declaration.

We declare the favor of God upon Aglow International. 

This prayer says, “Lord, You said that Your favor is upon Aglow. You have released favor upon favor upon favor upon favor upon Aglow.  Therefore, we rise in full agreement with Your favor. We stand fully in Your favor. This is our clear position – God’s favor is upon us! Nothing shall sway us or separate us from Your favor!”

This is to make a strong public announcement.

A proclamation is a strong public announcement. A proclamation removes any doubt, affirms our agreement with the God-head and strengthens us in our spiritual position. A proclamation releases the light of the truth of God to expose deception and dispel darkness. A proclamation announces on earth what heaven has already decreed. A proclamation for the favor of God upon Aglow International may sound like this:

We proclaim the favor of God upon Aglow.

This prayer is a public announcement of God’s favor upon us that releases celebration, liberty and confidence in us while binding and paralyzing the enemy.

Let’s keep stretching and growing in Kingdom intercession. I pray that deep revelation and empowerment comes by the Holy Spirit as we continue to marinate in the words God has given us.

Father, what are You decreeing from heaven to earth? We are aligning our proclamations, declarations and decrees with Yours! Truly, Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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