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Here’s To Embracing Change

May 27th, 2020 2 comments

The following blog was submitted by Jessica Wilson, Aglow Administrative Assistant – Prayer/International Field.

Does anyone else notice that coming into alignment can HURT?
Not just the initial “I need to change”, but the whole process – from awareness to prayer to the actual walking it out.

Becoming Whole isn’t always fun. Sometimes the first part of healing and wholeness can be embracing change – and it can be hard.

Yesterday I had a back ache that was so bad, I made an emergency appointment with a chiropractor. During the chiropractic exam I listened to the chiropractor describe to his assistant the various bones and joints that were out of alignment. He even told me how common this was, and how many people often have similar misalignment, usually due to environment and physical routines. 

Fifteen minutes after that, I was adjusted and my body was inline. It was simple. It was quick. But it definitely wasn’t something I could have done on my own. In fact, I will likely need to come back again soon, and continue to come back over a period of time. Because, once my body is in alignment, it needs to stay in alignment. And I need to train my muscles to do just that.

Strangely enough, I woke up today feeling…just alright. It was rather anticlimactic. Walking feels ever so slightly different. I was surprised to notice one leg is slightly stronger than the other, and the effects of my body having being rather “twisted” are now seen more clearly. It’s obvious to me that I developed unbalanced strengths when being out of alignment, and that now I will need to strengthen other areas to bring balance again to my body.

OH, how this made me think of our Christian walk.

So often I pray for change. And so often I desire a miraculous touch. But sometimes, IT IS STRANGE to walk out that answer to prayer. It is not always seamless, and it can require a great amount of work on my part. In our ever changing world, we have been given a chance to embrace change. And that can look a little different than we imagined…

It means not giving up when the new change is uncomfortable.
It means embracing what healthy FEELS like, and not reverting to the dysfunctional past way of doing things.
It means doing things to strengthen areas in your life you THOUGHT were okay, but now realize might have been out of whack – some strengths that might have been overemphasized, and some weaknesses that have gone hidden and unknown.

So here’s to you today who are working to embrace change!
To viewing your flaws and recognizing that they are common – and you are not alone.
To not settling with going back to the “twisted” way that we all can be, without even realizing it.
To working on your areas of weakness, as the Lord leads you.
And to RECEIVING in full all that God has for you, wants for you, and wants to do through you. Isn’t that what alignment is about, after all? Being in tune with God and able to receive and have flow through you, all God wants to do.

Lord, help us come into alignment with You today. Help us to embrace the “NEW” that you have brought our way. Help us to let go of the old, the outdated, and the “last season”. Strengthen our spirit as we learn to walk in alignment with You!

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