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Imperturbable Aplomb

July 27th, 2016

Imperturbable Aplomb
The following blog was contributed by Martha Stanley.

I’ve been having some disturbing vertigo issues, so finally went to the doctor. Two different physicians said it was most likely a brain tumor from the way it was presenting, but could be a severe inner ear infection. An MRI was ordered.

With those words I had to make a decision. I could A) freak out! or B) press in to the “secret place”, lean into the heartbeat of God, and listen. I chose B. After some time in prayer I felt a peace, so refused to give in to fear. After 2 weeks of waiting, the results came back clear, so on to the ENT I will go.

I was seeking the Lord for His purpose in allowing this to happen. The answer came clearly and quickly. The enemy was rattling his saber trying to get ME rattled. Kudos on the try – didn’t work, dude.

I sensed there was more so asked…and what more, God…? There are many situations in my life that seem overwhelming, have been going on a loooong time, look hopeless, and perhaps on some level I had become weary.
He showed me that the enemy is merely rattling his saber in those situations, too.
God wants me to see the other situations in the same light – don’t be rattled – stand my ground – speak only life – victory WILL COME.

Going through the waiting time for the test results truly brought me up to a higher level of “abiding in the secret place”. He is saying, “Ok, you learned this here. Now apply what you learned HERE, and take the ground over THERE.

I can now face the other situations from which I had grown weary, with renewed strength, hope, faith, and….wait for it….imperturbable aplomb.

Imperturbable – adj. – unable to be upset or excited; calm:

Aplomb – noun – self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation

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  1. Brenda Little
    September 4th, 2016 at 21:52 | #1

    I love the picture of the enemy only rattling his saber.
    IMPERTURBABLE APLOMB is my inheritance!

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