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Let Stillness Quiet Your Heart

October 2nd, 2014

                          Let Stillness Quiet Your Heart

Blog - PeaceThoughts from Carolyn Suty, US Regional Director Southwest Coastal Region

Do you ever feel like your list for prayers and crisis is getting too long to handle? I am sensing a real call from the heart of the Father to draw nigh to the throne. Tuck your prayer list into your pocket and enter in to His chamber. Be aware of His presence, His peace and the quietness of His heart. He is not rattled, nor alarmed but so confident in all things. Let this stillness quiet your heart. Listen to the rhythm of His heart beat and be comforted. Lay your list on the altar and watch it disappear in the goodness of His majesty. Our response to Him is, “Holy, Holy is The Lord. Worthy, Worthy is the Lamb Who was and is and is to come!” Focus on Him, let the worship and love flow. Don’t leave or rush out. Bask until you have been transformed by His consuming Presence. Stay till your heartbeat matches His. Only then can you be one who is at peace in this storm. Only then can you give to others the greatest gift of Him.

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  1. February 3rd, 2015 at 03:42 | #1

    THAT WORD is awesome, and just before reading it, I had an awesome encounter with the
    Holy Spirit just like Carolyn mentions here………It was sooo rewarding after a couple months of unrelenting work (for the KINGDOM) in our church….and outside of the altars at church I never had time alone. But suddenly, today, I was alone for 2 hours, and the Holy Spirit drew me to the bedside, and I fell on my knees and had a glorious encounter with the Sweet Spirit, and feel revived and happy and ready to GO FORWARD again. Getting into The presence of the Lord is sometimes the last thing people do when they are under a lot of stress….THANKYOU
    for writing that….it was a confirmation for me.

  2. cynthia patton
    February 3rd, 2015 at 13:41 | #2

    Nancy, I love this blog post. My Aglow Prayer Group and I are currently studying Sacred Rhythms, a DVD Seminar by Ruth Haley Brown teachings on Spiritual Practices (Disciplines) that nourish our spirits and transform our souls. Stillness and quietness has been our favorite seminar so far. Also, I will be using this theme on Saturday, Feb. 7 when I teach prayer to a group of Shawl Makers who assist me in ministry to the hurting in Jasper, Alabama.

    Cynthia Patton, President
    Jasper Aglow Neighborhood Lighthouse
    Jasper, AL

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