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“I Am Blessed”

August 26th, 2011

Note from Nancy McDaniel:  To impact people around us, sometimes we need put some action to our prayers.  One way is by proclaiming the blessings of God and the Good News of the Gospel. 

Read how Barbara Potts, Maryland Aglow State Prayer Coordinator, is proclaiming God’s blessing:

I have always been a bit challenged at how to effectively share the Gospel in a natural, easy fashion.  That is, until some time ago when I began to respond with, “I am blessed” to anyone who asked me how I was.  This response not only honors God but it prophesies into my life the blessing of God.  I know this response was a prompting from the Holy Spirit, as I have watched how God has used it. 

A couple of months ago I had an encounter with an unsaved neighbor which has mushroomed into a ministry. This person is a widow, and a rather sad person who has not previously responded to witnessing.  She asked me how I was, and when I responded with “I am blessed,” I knew that she interpreted this to mean that I didn’t have any problems and that everything was perfect and good.  So, later when I got home the Lord impressed upon me to write to her and tell her why I am so blessed.  This is what I said:

      I would like to expand upon my response to your inquiry, “How are you?” When I said, “I am blessed,” it was not a reflection of my life circumstances, but rather of my eternal security. (There are, quite frankly, some very sad things going on in my life right now.) Years ago, when I said “yes” to Jesus and made Him the Lord of my life, He did not promise me a life of happiness and ease. But He did promise to never leave me or forsake me, to be my shield and defender, my strength in weakness, and my joy in the midst of sorrow. To the widow He is a husband, to the sick He is the Healer, to the discouraged He is Hope, to the lost He is the Savior. To all (whether they acknowledge Him or not) He is the One, True and Living God, the Almighty Creator of the Universe, the King of kings and Lord of lords. And He Who is all of this, knows my name and how many hairs I have on my head. Even before I was conceived in my mother’s womb, He saw me. And even though I am imperfect and was full of sin, He has forgiven me and crowned me with glory and honor. His magnanimous love compelled Him to leave His place of glory in heaven and be born into the world He created to suffer at the hands of evil men and become a sacrifice for my sin. His love transcends understanding. There is nothing I can do to make Him love me any more or any less than He already does. He has paid the price for my redemption and now desires to have a personal relationship with me here and for eternity. And so because of these things: I AM BLESSED beyond measure!! My prayer is that you would know this blessing too. You can, if only you would ask… Say “yes” to Jesus today and He will reveal Himself to you in ways you cannot imagine. He will heal your heart and comfort your soul. He will empower you to live an abundant life full of hope and victory. When you receive Him as your Lord and Savior, nothing can separate you from His Love. He is ready and wanting to do these things for you. But you must invite Him into your heart and life.   —   What have you got to lose?

Remembering the Christian movie, “The Grace Card,” I had the idea to format this testimony on a piece of paper that folds to the size of a business card.  I carry a bunch in my purse.  Whenever anyone asks me how I am, I tell them “I am blessed.”  Then when I hand them money for my transaction, or shake their hand, I give them the “card” and say, “This tells you why I am so blessed and how you can be too.”  I have found that even Christians are blessed by it because it lifts them above life’s circumstances and reminds them who they are.

What an easy way to share the love and Good News of the Gospel!

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  1. September 2nd, 2011 at 20:54 | #1

    This article blessed me so much! Than you for sharing it! Katy, TX Aglow Lighthouse Pres.

  2. Laura
    September 4th, 2011 at 18:32 | #2

    Nancy this is just powerful. It encourages me to do the same thing. I too say “I am blessed” many times in response to the question How are You? Your explanation for why we are blessed is beautiful. May I borrow your prayer to add to the back of my cards?

  3. mody boatright
    November 2nd, 2011 at 19:44 | #3

    Hi Nancy!

    Frances Ann – Mody doesn’t do Word Processing but we stand together…

    Your time at the game took me back to another time. Different story but same obedience.

    I was at the table at a restaurant with three other Aglow members. The man at the larger table next to us kept saying the gd word practically with every other sentence. The ‘yes’ men around him simply nodded their heads – no expression. Finally it just came out, “I wish you would stop speaking of my Father like that anymore.” – All wide eyes and closed mouths. Situation solved. Thanks HS:

  4. Scottie Schaeffer
    November 29th, 2011 at 22:28 | #4

    Way to go Barbara! Barbara is a powerful woman of God. I was on the board of Clinton Aglow and Barbara was on the Ft. Washington Board before being MD Prayer Director. I remember when she first stepped into this position. What a prayer warrior. I am now Pres. of Valdosta Aglow in GA. I will share this at our next meeting. God Bless you Barbara.

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