A Delightful Time Crossing Cultures in the USA

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As we have done for the past 8 years a group of Christians made their way to Michigan from around the country
to demonstrate God’s love to the city of Dearborn.
A total of approximately 80 folks- 26 of us designated
as from Aglow-did service projects throughout the city which the Arab Chamber of Commerce which directed us. Much of this work was for HYPE, a YMCA-type facility, and also at the home of a local woman whom we knew
who needed help at her home. Other teams were involved with walking the streets, greeting people and passing our bracelets.We also prayed throughout the neighbor as well as at a strategic park. We found the people to be very friendly, open and many valuable
conversations occurred.
As always we learned and received as much as we gave. Many commented how much they enjoyed the leisurely pace at which we were able to proceed as opposed to working at the Festival when every minute was scheduled. We found that several of the folks we spoke with were
aware of our previous labors there and recognized us as the “good” Christians. In fact, a owner of a local restaurant, when our group was mentioned, said that
we were not just good people, we were angels. Another businessman recognized the T-shirt and commented how he had given water for the work last year and how much he appreciated us. He also said that if we needed anything next year to please let him know since we treated his people so well . Actually it seemed that we were able to meet and talk with many of the business and religious leaders there, making contacts and
either starting new relationships or building already existing ones. We were invited for a meal at the local mosque, largest one in America, and our leaders were able to talk with the imam. Then later in the week part of the group went to a different mosque where the imam gave a flower to each woman in the group and bought ice
cream for all. It is our hope that relationships of trust with one another will continue to grow.

by Cheryl Erbes

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Sharing the Tulips and Much More

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Seven Aglow women gathered in Holland, MI, during their annual Tulip Festival to pray for the city and look for divine appointments.
Although we didn’t know each other in the beginning, we left for home woven together by the
time spent praying, sharing, laughing, eating and conversing with others. While there, we
watched two parades, learned much about the original Dutch windmill and the folks who
used it, saw myriad number of tulips (the sun came out big time on Thursday and the tulips
decided to open their blossoms. BEAUTIFUL), enjoyed the peacefulness of Lake Michigan, the channel
and light house and the grains of sand between our toes and even got in a short amount of
time to shop. HA!
All in all, we learned more about ways to approach people, how to begin short conversations,
how to be directed by the Holy Spirit and how intricately HE planned out footsteps, how to get
past our fears and awkwardness and much more. Basically we just prayed for the city and the things
that we were involved in and let the conversations develop. A number of examples are;
1.) when shopping, talking to the clerks,etc., about how we could pray for their business, their city,
and any other concerns and being received warmly 2.) during the Children’s parade when others would talk about some of the
difficulties for children in our culture today, we were able to offer encouragement to them, 3.) at a time
when we were not sure what to do next, God used a shop manager who overheard our conversation to make
it clear what was next and very emotionally told us numerous times “we were needed to pray for the children.”,
4.) a young mom watching the parade who overheard our rather hurried blessing of our sack lunches and said”
it’s been a long time since I’ve heard that on the street”,
5.) lastly the police sergeant who, when told that we were there praying for the city and the police , immediately said
let’s pray then, took off his hat and bowed his head as we seven gathered around him and prayed aloud on the street corner with people everywhere.
So much more could be shared. We went home thankful for the privilege of being able to share God’s care with so many and to see Him at work.

by Cheryl Erbes

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Our team consisted of almost 80 people with 12 leaders and several assistant leaders, working together to see the Kingdom of God expanded in the Laguna Province of Philippines.  We had people from New Zealand, Vietnam, United States and Philippines serving side by side proclaiming the goodness of our Lord Jesus!

The team had 29 international members 10 of which were men from the ages of 18-73 and gals from the ages of 13-76 plus 47 national team members!

Totals for Laguna Province, Philippines Outreaches:
Crowd: 5,280
Salvation: 4,352
Prayer Lines: 2,646
Bible Studies: 118 (with new converts)
Potential Churches: 6

We met with the governor, mayors, local official captains, school teachers and leaders, jail officials and a variety of people everywhere!  What a challenge!  What a joy!  What a solid, amazing work of the Lord!  He blended us, met us and proclaimed Himself as God Creator of Heaven and Earth in dramatic ways.  Ask a team member.  Hear their story!  It’s incredible!


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2015 Transformation Ministry Opportunities in Process!

October 16th, 2013 No comments
with these 2015 Transformation Ministry Opportunities

California – PASADENA ROSE PARADE – December 31+  Barbara Pritchett, team leader.  barbaraaglow@aol.com 

Activation Cruise in Planning for early January or February.   If interested, contact Janet Mangum at melonie.mangum @icloud.com

Honduras – early March 2015   Sharing God’s love through micro-business ‘close encounters’.  Pat Kempf, team leader.  safeguard2@sprynet.com

Philippines – March 20-29, 2015  Last year’s trip was incredible.  Don’t miss this one!   Concert outreach, schools & government. Shirley Terris. team leader.  saterris@aol.com

California!  Here we come!  April/May 2015  “New Wine Adventures”  Prayer scouting and sharing His story through your story. Teresa Etter, team leader.  teresaetter55@yahoo.com

Brazil – May 4-14, 2015  Sharing His story and our story.  Janet Mangum, Team Leader.  melonie.mangum@me.com

Michigan – May 6-8, 2015 Tulip Festival  Prayer Scouting, service, and Sharing His story and your story.  Cheryl Erbes, team leader. cerbes@att.net

Croatia – June, 2015  Telling His story and your story, encouraging our sisters and brothers in this ancient country.  Jill Torgerson, team leader.  jilltorgerson@gmail.com

Michigan, DEARBORN – June 18-21  Servant Evangelism.  Cheryl Erbes, team leader.  cerbes@att.net

Alaska – June, 2015  Head north to remote villages. Getting the Word into  hearts of children and adult ministry of various (fun) types.  Fran Hallgren, team leader.  frantastic@fastimap.com

Alaska – July, 2015  Further north by bush plane. Getting the Word into the hearts of children and adult ministry of various (fun) types.  Fran Hallgren, team leader.  frantastic@fastimap.com

California! July/August 2015.  More “New Wine Adventures” with Teresa Etter, team leader.  Prayer and sharing His story and your story.  teresaetter55@yahoo.com

California – summer,  2015  “Gold Country Adventure” with Teresa Etter, team leader.  Prayer and sharing His story and your story. teresaetter55@yahoo.com

Ecuador  – late Sept/early Oct 2015 –  Bilingual Spanish English speakers needed! (but not rquired to be part of this team)  Micro-business and sharing His story/your story.  Pat Kempf , team leader.   safeguard2@sprynet.com

Uganda – Oct/Nov 2015  Outreach to remote villages in Uganda.  School/orphanage, jail, government visitation and more. Team leader Fran Hallgren.   frantastic@fastimap.com

South America – 2015  Working with CMC to evangelize and plant churches.  Country/dates TBD.  Fran Hallgren, team leader.  frantastic@fastimap.com

Oman – February 2016   Prayer Scouting team.  Contact Cheryl Erbes, team leader  at cerbes@att.net

Read more…

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“Planting” more than Plants in Dearborn

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A small group of Aglow folks joined other believers from all
over the country to make our presence and that of the Lord’s presence
known in the city of Dearborn. There were around 90 people who came
simply to serve those living in Dearborn, both Arabs and other nationalities.
Members of that group were from New Mexico, North Carolina, Florida, New
York, Georgia, and more and of course, Michigan. We all were called to come and
show our love and support for the Arabs there, particularly the Arab
Chamber of Commerce, and to continue our involvement in building
relationships with them.
Because of the legal and insurance expenses incurred during the previous Festivals,
this year’s Festival was cancelled. We, however, felt that to travel to Dearborn and
show our concern/ God’s love for the people, not just the actual Festival, would speak loudly
to them. This is exactly what happened. The officials were so amazed and, on several occasions
moved to tears, when trying to express their gratitude. We weeded, planted, mulched and
watered day lilies on 16 blocks of Warren Ave., the major street on which the Festival is
usually held–praying that we were planting more than flowers! Because the time schedule
was not as organized, we were able to speak with many people as they passed by and especially
business owners as we worked on the area near their businesses.We were able to pray with
a number of those passing by as well as doing much prayer walking throughout
the neighborhood.Also some of the younger guys helped with a major basketball
tournament, running scoreboards and keeping books. There
was also some painting done on their recreational facility. Saturday evening we hosted a
banquet for the city officials, police and Chamber employees . Many kind and thankful words
were spoken–they still are in shock that we were willing to come to Dearborn.
Lastly, because of the situation, we had expected some ill will but that never happened.
Generally we were treated with gracious generosity wherever we went.
When we first heard the Festival was cancelled, we were saddened. However, our God has a plan
and much good was done and many “plants” planted for His glory.

By Cheryl Erbes

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Scouting like Joshua and Caleb in Holland, MIchigan

June 19th, 2013 No comments

A team of ten women attended the Holland Tulip Festival in Holland ,MI, from May 8-11, 2013. Our objective was to
experience the Festival which is the third most visited Festival in the USA and to get ideas and inspiration for what
might be done in an outreach situation for the coming years. Not only did we enjoy seeing those beautiful tulips everywhere
but also have many conversations with other attendees as well as the local folk.
We basically divided our time into two categories- attending Tulip Festival events,
“spying out the land”, assessing the atmosphere and prayer driving/walking
AND praying and dialoguing together to ascertain what God was telling us there
at the time and for the future.

There is a established and respectful traditional link between God and most of the people in Holland.
When in conversation with folks and asked why we had come (interesting question to me as
there were thousand of tourists there), we replied we were there to pray for the city and its people, almost
everyone responded how wonderful that was and how the city needed prayer. Unfortunately
often when continuing the conversation, we asked how we should pray for their city and found that
most requests involved their own personal needs or silence. There was little vision for their own
purpose or that of the city with regard to active pursuit of God.

Since our original plan was to be like “Joshua and Caleb” spies,we were not seeking to actively evangelize.
I am sure, however, that after these many conversations, questions and intrigue grew in people’s hearts
as they considered this mysterious possibility of a personal relationship with God. It is our hope and conviction
that this will occur in Holland.

Since we received two very strong words from the Lord directing planting seeds and alerting us to
Holland’s purpose when praying together the first night, we also activated the area with the prophetic
act of sprinkling seeds in many place around the city. It was amazing to us that after we split up in
twosomes and prayed around the downtown area for a couple of hours, we had covered 6 of the 7 mountains
in prayer without any previous planning or discussion.One of the memorable times of the trip was when 8
of us crammed together in a van and drove around Hope College campus at 9:30PM praying, declaring,
singing and planting seeds. We trust that God will reveal Himself there to those college students. We are
looking for a revival in that city.

Thanks once again for faithfully praying for us. We could definitely tell that there were prayers on our behalf.
All in all, we were moved by the care and co-ordination God provided as we gave ourselves to this task.
We were very thankful to have been a part of His plan.

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God Moving in Mystical Myanmar

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Once again another group of eager Aglow transformers journeyed to the other side of the world to visit and share with others. Six of us-five women and one courageous man- joined the CMC missionaries, Marcy and Paul Babor, in Yangon, the capital pf Myanmar. (formerly Burma). Much to our delight they brought with them their twin three year old daughters and four twenty-something ladies from California who are interning with them in the Philippines for a year. You can imagine what a lively group we had!

Because this was the first time in Myanmar for the entire team, we were wondering what God had in store. We knew it would be hot there (average temperature was 100), that we would be expected to eat much rice in local homes, and that we women needed to wear long skirts. I mention that because by the end of the time there , most of us had grown comfortable with their native dress (skirt), the” longi ” (not sure of spelling) and had adopted it for ourselves. Because the country is opening up to modern conveniences so rapidly, the electrical system had a hard time keeping up so there were many instances of no electricity. Regardless of these issues, the ministry there was very fruitful and inspirational. Actually it seemed very much like the Philippines. We were reminded of our FIlipino friends frequently.The people there were friendly, helpful and welcoming–as well as very open to what we shared. God was faithful to make Himself known to them which resulted in many who prayed the salvation prayer and also many who were healed physically. In the ten days we were there the team visited villages, meeting in homes of Christians who invited their Buddhist neighbors, friends and relatives to come and hear the
“foreigners.” Attendance varied from home to home but we were able to share with a large numberof people, many of whom were very receptive. Local Christian pastors were elated at their response and will be diligently following up their interested newcomers. God is so good to follow our efforts with signs and wonders.

This was done on each morning. In the afternoon we visited various landmarks throughout the city, Yangon.We had entered on tourist visas so acted like tourists. We went to the shopping area, visited the largest Buddhist pagoda, spent time at the largest lake and park in the area, took in some cultural dances and puppetry at a Cultural Center and visited many good restaurants. I personally would rather not eat any rice or noodles –the staple in their culinary efforts- for awhile. All in all the work there was much easier than we had expected and it was a joy to see all that God did.As we know and are coming more and more aware, God cares about all people and it was an honor to serve in the mystical land of Myanmar.

Written by Cheryl Erbes

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Reaching the “Lost” Generation from Building Church Leaders Newsletter

Oceans of ink have been spilled about the flight of young people from the church. So much so that some church leaders are wondering if Millennials will be the “lost” generation.But when you boil it down to its essence, it’s not that complicated. Millennials, like everyone else, desire deep relationships with people who care about them enough to get to know them, walk beside them through their ups and downs, and foster their spiritual and vocational growth. Sure, there are challenges, but that’s true when any two generations strive to understand and cooperate with one another.
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This last week, in a hurry to get errands run, I asked my husband to send a package for me. I stuck a little stickie note on the front with the address so he could use it to print out the official mailing label and send it at the post office. Busy hands, busy lives, sometimes a step gets missed! That was the case for sure. Good thing God knows where we are!

I got an email from Shannon who just happened to go into work at the post office in her city that day and this is what she said:

thank you for the gift I nearly didn’t receive.

When I walked up to our post office, there was a sign on the door, “If you know someone named Melonie Mangum from Newbury Park, CA please come see me. There is a package for someone here but there is no name or post box written.”

I tore the note down and sheeplishly walked up to the counter and said to my boss, “Ummmmm, this is for me….” and held up her note.
She said, “Seriously? ? It is for you??? ”

She grabbed the package off our shelves and after scanning it as delivered, told me that so many of the customers, after seeing the sign on the door, were telling her to throw the box in the ‘Dangerous’ area as it might be a bomb, or to send the package back…..

So I apologized profusely and agreed with her that we have a really nice and generous post master who kept a box that wasn’t labelled properly just because she wanted to to ensure that whoever the package belonged to would receive it….

But the mug made it safely to me, and after throwing it in the dishwasher, I had my morning cuppa tea out of it the following day!

So thank you for thinking of me while you were on your trip and, by the Grace of God, your mug made it safely to Yarnell, and eventually to me….
With the email Shannon sent me a picture of the package. No address except the city and state! Yet she got it!

It may look like God doesn’t know where you live. Your circumstances may be saying, “Where are you? Don’t you know I’m here?” But he does and is working on your behalf bringing life, blessings and provision. He often is stuck with using vessels like us, who sometimes don’t remember to do all they should and something gets missed along the way – But God! But God! Thank you Lord for bringing us the grace and mercy of your love and showing us in little ways the deliberate expression of your goodness!

Again – thank you!!!

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October 10th, 2012 No comments

Missions Outside the USA

Brazil – Pat Kempf Leader safeguard2@sprynet.com

Oman:Feb. 2014   Presence and Prayer
Team Leader: Cheryl Erbes cerbes@att.net

Cambodia: April 1-10  Telling our story and His story
Team Leader: Indhu Mathew inmath@telus.net


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