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March 10th, 2010 4 comments

Outreaches are all about God’s transformation of people, of communities, of nations. When Jesus said, “Go ye into all the world…” He was talking about us, the bearers of His image, taking news of His transforming power to people who did not yet know it. He was talking about radical, down-to-the-bone-marrow change in the nature of human beings. That’s transformation.

On this blog you’ll read about and see stories (through video) of our trips — as they happen — sometimes within hours of the actual event as we post reports. Sign up for our RSS feed to keep up on the latest details about our trips.  And, If you’ve been yearning to put yourself on the edge of your comfort zone and be part of an Aglow outreach, this is your chance! Just send me an email: Janet Mangum at janetmangum@aglow.org.

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October 2019 Needs Your Application for April 2020 Philippines with Janet Mangum

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New Mexico September 2019

July 27th, 2019 1 comment
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February 7th, 2018 1 comment

Dates: 2019

Time to Renew Your Passion for Kingdom Adventure!  Team Leader: Canada’s leader contact      Remi Ogunrinde
Aglow Transformation is planning a missions trip to Cambodia this year. We are in a harvest year like never before! Let’s take the gospel of the Kingdom to the far South East Asia and see captives set free and regions transformed. Lots of children waiting to be unpacked.

This is an invitation to come along and be part of this great opportunity!

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2019/2020 Upcoming Opportunities to Change Hearts and Touch Nations

November 1st, 2017 1 comment

If you are interested in any of the potential trips below, contact the team leader as soon as possible. Plans for trips are finalized many months before the team departs for their journey whether In the U.S. or other countries.


Dates: June 23-July 1, 2019
Information: VBS and other ministry in Stebbins and St Michael, Alaska
Cost: Only $900 per team member!
Team Leader: Fran Hallgren – frantastic@fastimap.com
US National Parks
Dates: Spring/Summer 2019
Information: Prophetic prayer and evangelism in America’s national parks
Team Leader: Teresa Etter – teresaetter55@yahoo.com
Pat KempfBrazil
Dates: July 14-30, 2019
Download the flyer PDF icon
Information: This will be a two-fold opportunity in Brazil: Trauma Healing and Micro-Business skills Training. We are looking for team members who are certified Training or Apprentice Trauma Healing Facilitators and who are seasoned Intercessors to be a part of the team to do ‘special-ops’ Intercession on-site.
Cost: $3150.00 – If paying by Credit/Debit Card there will be a 5% handling fee added to the cost. Cost Includes: *Airfare*(praying the airfare will go down), meals, housing, transportation, & insurance (*Airfare from Alaska & Hawaii may be more)
Team Leaders: Pat Kempf – safeguard2@sprynet.com
Dates: Late September, early October
Information: Details to come
Team Leader: Rob McDermott and Janet Mangum – melonie.mangum@me.com
Dates: October 25-Nov 4
Information: Outreach and leadership training
Team Leader: Karen Wells – kwells096686@gmail.com
Dates: November 7-17, 2019
Information: Want to partner with God on a powerful transformation mission to Cambodia? It’s the Right Time to go into the harvest fields that’s so ripe and plentiful. Consider this an invitation to start planning to get on this awesome assignment. Outreaches into villages where some unreached people will have opportunity to hear the gospel and receive Christ, testimonies, preaching of the good news with miracles. We will also have meetings with Pastors and leaders to encourage them.
Cost: will be announced as soon as we get fare prices in the new year.
Team Leader: Contact Remi Ogunrinde at remirocs@gmail.com if your heart is stirred.
Pasadena California
Date: December 31, 2019
Information: Parade and a Purpose! Ministering to people as they “hold their spot” for watching the Rose Bowl Parade.
Team Leader: Barbara Pritchett – barbaraaglow@aol.com


Date: April 2020
Information: Recruiting now for April 2020 Philippines trip. Space is limited so if you are interested, step up right away and contact Janet. We will be working with Aglow National President Tessie Felicio and her team. Conference, evangelism outreaches with a variety of ministry. Approved ministry leaders may invite an intern to join them on the team.
Approximate costs: $3,000 depending on flight costs. Covers all expenses including food and housing
Team Leader: Janet Mangum – melonie.mangum@me.com
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New Leaders and Upcoming Virginia 50th Celebration Transformation Gathering

April 17th, 2017 No comments

The transformation team leaders are praying for God ideas, not just good ideas. We are trusting the leading of the Holy Spirit as we flow with His goodness throughout 2017 and upcoming 2018. It’s very exciting to think about our 50th Aglow International birthday this September in Virginia. We trust you will all be there!

At the upcoming 50 year celebration there will be a transformation meeting for anyone that desires to come on Thursday. Please watch for it in your information packet when you register so you will know where to go and when to join us probably right after lunch on Thursday. Exact times and the room is yet to be announced.

We want to introduce you to three new leaders in Transformation: Delita Cordes from Oregon, Chris Sheeley from Florida and Karen Wells from Alaska. Each of them are seasoned in their relationship with the Lord as well as experienced and skilled in leadership and their area of evangelism/discipleship in the Kingdom of God!  We are honored to have them accept our invitation.

They are powerful and relational. It is wonderful to have such quality women leading Aglow teams. Of course, each of them serve in their hometown areas as well with Aglow. If you or someone you know would like to join an upcoming Transformation Team feel free to contact each of them.

Delita CordesDelita Cordes lives in Oregon. She has been a business woman all her adult life and continues in real estate sales. She has been around the world as a diver and now is in process at Consilium University studying missions. She is a skilled woman in leadership.
Email: delita@danddrealtygroup.com
Chris SheeleyElizabeth (Chris) Sheeley lives in Florida. She has been on several Transformation Teams serving as a main focus on children’s evangelism. She is particularly gifted in that area in not only introducing children to Jesus but leading them into a fullness of the Holy Spirit. She is a children’s author and produced a children’s video for television.
Email: Elizabethsheeley@yahoo.com
Karen WellsKaren Wells lives in Alaska. She and her husband have past experience as pastors. Karen is an experienced missionary and leader in various settings and countries. Her style of leadership is friendly and always builds a positive strong team.
Email: Kwells099686@gmail.com

May God continue to give us the increase! May there continue to be a multiplication of disciples in the Kingdom of God!

Janet Mangum, Aglow Transformation Director
Fran Hallgren, Assistant to the director
Team Leaders, Melanie Boudreau, Delita Cordes, Cheryl Erbes, Teresa Etter, Pat Kempf, Lois Koss, Remi Ogundrinde, Barbara Pritchett, Shirley Terris, Ronda Umphrey, Karen Wells Read more…

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Transformation Team Members Trailblazing Life 2017

April 16th, 2017 1 comment


Dates: October 15 – 30, 2017
Download flyer: PDF icon
Information: This unique Transformation team will be have a two-fold ministry: Trauma Healing in San Pedro Sula, and Micro-Business in Tegucigalpa. Team members have the option of doing just one week or being a part of the whole 2 weeks.
Cost: $1850 (Includes: two weeks & includes airfare from the continental United States, meals, housing, insurance & in-country transportation.) Deadline for all money: Sept 5, 2017
Contact: Pat Kempf – safeguard2@sprynet.comsafeguard2@sprynet.com


Dates: November 5-21, 2017
Download flyer: PDF icon
Cost: $ 2877.00 per person (Note: These prices are based on a 3-4 person team. If the team is larger or smaller the price per person will be affected. This price includes airfare from the continental U.S.)
Information: Take advantage of this opportunity to share the love of Jesus in a country that is the least evangelized country in South America. And share your love for sewing/quilting by joining this team that will work with the women in two cities, Montevideo and Treinta y Tres.
Contact: Pat Kempf – safeguard2@sprynet.com


2017 Finished

Evangelistic Training and Application Cruise

We held a variety of workshops onboard the ship.  There were tremendous salvations, healing and blessing prayers in a variety of settings while cruising.  When we stopped at ports of call, Grand Caymans held an Aglow gathering with worship and sharing and Jamaica opened doors to share and pray with both the rehab. facility and the local university.  What a wonderful time we had together sharing the Good News of Jesus.


Team Leader: Shirley Terris

The Gospel outreach team in the Philippines was led by Shirley Terris. Miracles flow as God convinces people that Jesus is God, their loving Savior and friend!  It’s life changing for sure! The Aglow Team had 4 team members, 2 from Florida, 2 from Washington. There were about 20 Filipino team members including pastors, crusade band, and others. We worked the Province of Aurora in northern Luzon, going to schools, putting on crusades, a conference, and speaking in churches. We also went to the offices of mayors, passed out Bibles to new believers, and saw 29 Bible studies get established.Praise the Lord for His love and mercy.

Final Figures
Crowd Ministered 3342
Salvations 2792
Healing 705
Bible Studies 29
New Church 1

What a blessing the team was. When the team leader became sick, the team pulled together with Doyal Seale stepping into leadership and the other team members stepping in to help. The Filipino team we partnered with was very well organized and prepared. The children were a blessing, in schools and at crusades partaking of dancing and exercises.

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Commissioned! March 2017 by Janet Mangum

March 17th, 2017 No comments

Whats new about evangelism in Aglow? It’s a foundational pillar upon which we build life. So what about it can be new?

  1.  You and I. That’s what can be new in Aglow. How each one of us defines evangelism and discipleship in our personal lives is changing.

When I came forward in a church to give my life to Jesus, I had been attending the church for probably a year. When I came up to that pastor that morning, He said, “I have looked and looked for you month after month, and finally I stopped looking and here you are.”

It’s time to ask ourselves, Have we stopped actively, intentionally looking with expectancy for others to come to Jesus?

The Holy Spirit hasn’t. I’m proof of that!

  1. When I first started to understand the powerful love of God, I wanted everyone to know Him. My fears, sense of inability and lack of knowledge SCREAMED at me to stop speaking up. “You aren’t any good at this, leave it to the pastors and elders!” “What will people think?” “You don’t know what you are doing.”

My brain kept finding ways to fulfill my fears by keeping my comfort zone well guarded,.. giving me many good excuses for not speaking up. I came to the point where I had to ask myself, even if some of these thoughts are true, right now, is it supposed to matter? I came to the conclusion it wasn’t supposed to matter even if it was true that I didn’t know what I was doing.

How did the transformation begin? Time in the Word of God convinced me. 2 Corinthians 5:14, and 15 became my reality. The love of Christ began to constrain me in the the conviction that One (Jesus) died for all and was raised again for their sake and God would be with me as I reached out to them!

I came to a defining moment when I decided to retrain my brain and just keep practicing. I pushed aside all these thoughts until my brain began to agree with God. (mind emotions and will)

  1. Scientists today are saying that your brain serves / builds brilliant strategies for you in whatever you prioritize. It gives you strategies to keep what you have said is most precious to you – OR keep away from you what you dread the most.

How many of you have dreaded the thought of speaking up in evangelism?

You get to decide what you dread or what you desire. Your brain doesn’t dictate it first. You do. Then the brain serves what you have believed to be true. It helps you accomplish what you have convinced it you want.

When you are intentional with your practicing, like any exercise, it changes your brains natural pathways. You become empowered with His Words that bring transformation. Your spirit soul and body have come into alignment with His truth.

  1. I have asked myself and am asking you today, Is it possible you have become so familiar with reading His Words in Matthew 28… to go, make, and train, that you no longer sense your part and or feel their pull to multiply the family of God?

Or, it could be that your beginning exposures to teaching about evangelism has locked these powerful Words into a narrow understanding that excluded you? It caused limitations in who you believe you are and what you believe you can be in the evangelism/discipling work of the Kingdom. My conversations with hundreds of believers over the years, tells me one or both of these thoughts are often true.

I grew up near Disneyland. All the relatives and friends would want to go when they came to visit. They would ask, what’s it like to live so close to such an exciting place that is one of its kind?

I had been so many times, I no longer thought about it. I could see the tip of the Matterhorn from my backyard and watch the 9 pm fireworks each night, so why was that special? It was a common view in my every day life. I missed how wonderful it could be for someone else and I didn’t want to take anyone there again.

My question to us today is, “Is it possible some of the truths you have been reading in your Bible, concerning the area of evangelism and discipleship, have become so common place, or disqualifying in your self evaluation, that limitations abound?”

  1. Luke 24 tells the story of Jesus, right after His resurrection. He joined two people walking on the road to Emmaus. It shows how someone can easily be in the presence of The WORD Himself and miss it even when they felt their hearts burn when He was speaking.

Why would Jesus go to meet up with two seemingly insignificant people chatting about the recent religious news? They are walking toward Emmaus. Jesus died in Jerusalem, the place where the promised Holy Spirit was to come, right?

But instead, Jesus leaves there and goes walking with these two. Obviously, His desire was that they would know Him.

He wants to walk with you and release the fresh Word of God in you until your hearts burn to act on His promise to be with you as you reach out to people HE DESIRES to know HIM!

  1.  It’s time to no longer discount yourself because of your exposure to certain types of evangelism that just aren’t you. That inside voice that says, “Thats not me,” is correct. You are a unique expression of His dynamic person. His way in and through you is different than some of those you have seen/experienced. But, it doesnt disqualify you from the powerful commission to go and make disciples.

 It only means it’s time to ask God and yourself, “What is me?”

“What can I do?”

“How am I to fulfill God’s commission in my life of making disciples?”

 Why is this so imperative? Because the commission is for every believernot just a few designated believers to go and make disciples.

Matthew 28 is speaking to YOU and I!

  1. I believe you will fully embrace the truth that Your personalityYour experienceYour ageYour unique expressions of lifeare perfect for evangelism and mentoring people in His life-giving ways.

I have seen this to be true over and over again. Every personality can effectively do the work of the evangelist and disciple people.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Himself, the Name above every name with all the authority in heaven and earth, meets with two travelers along an insignificant Emmaus road heading away from Jerusalem where the Holy Spirit was to be poured out to reveal Himself to them.

He is for you. He is ready to rekindle the fire in your spirit for revealing Jesus.

He is enabling you, in your own way, to tell both your story of redemption and His story of life eternal.   As you decide to fully trust that the commission from Jesus in Matthew 28 “GO and make disciples” is for YOU personally, unexpected encounters with God and people occur along the way. Ask any one of us who have embraced this truth and we will have multitudes of stories that prove its true.

  1. We trust God’s Word to burn in our hearts. We are trusting it will cause the hearts of those we speak to, to burn, catapulting people into a surprising journey with Jesus. I believe He is asking us to begin to intentionally see what He sees, and expect what He knows can be.
  2. Let’s stop judging what we think is valuable enough to keep us changing hearts and touching nations. Let eternity be the judge of the magnitude of the value of what you can and will share.

It is time to act on His commission.

If you are unclear what to do, email me at melonie.mangum@me.com, or talk to people in the audience like Barbara Pritchett, Patricia Lynn Taylor, Nellie Lebouf, or others you know, who are active, effective evangelistic believers.

He is on the road with you. He wants to walk with you in relationship

… until your heart burns with His commission and equipping…

…until His WORD comes alive in you even more for speaking into your world, into the hearts of men, women, children.

Let’s discover a greater measure of His passion and purpose as new creations that expand the kingdom…transformed transforming disciples that disciple others.

Decide today, that you are ready for Intentional-Experimental -Influential-Impact!

  1. Where do you begin? What can you do to take the next step?

I have some ideas for intentional recipes for discipling. Some of you have great ideas. Contact me at melonie.mangum@me.com. I am going through several materials, both Aglow and others, and am expecting to start dialogue groups that would be interested in piloting some fresh, simple, catalytic expressions for discipling. Consider working with me in developing this relational, organic, evangelistic, flexible, discipleship training.

But don’t wait for us!

It’s your commission from Jesus! It’s your life He wants to activate in broader, dynamic expressions in evangelism and discipling. Go FOR IT!

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2016 California New Wine Tasting Praise Report

January 10th, 2017 No comments

In a team of five we completed our last leg of the 21 missions of
California. We went to missions from Santa Barbara to San Diego and
everywhere in between having divine encounters. Praising and worshiping
God all the way. The purpose of praying is 21 missions was reconciliation
between the Native Americans and the things that were done in the name of
God that were not in love and caused great harm to this country. I felt
the Lord say this was the finishing work of the reconciliation and I
spoke to Lou ingle about this and he agreed, knowing the missions to
California I have been prayed over many times. What a great honor for
Aglow to be the finishing work of the Lord using us as his vessel’s.

At each mission we had communion and prayed over the land in the people and
had unique encounters and each mission site with staff and visitors
giving us the opportunity to share the Lord with many.

We also met withAglow gals in Santa Barbara and spoke and at the Aglow
meeting in Ventura stirring up the gift of evangelism as we do in the
transformation team. It truly was a blessing as many of them joined us
along the way to the different missions.

We were also blessed to go to San Diego before the Aglow national conference was there in September. We met with Pastor Joel from Church Multiplication Coalition and his wife from the Philippines. We have worked with them when they lived in the Philippines. We were able to minister and bless them as they have come to the states as missionaries. They came with us to the San Diego mission and Naval base as we prayed for military and the protection of
our country and our governmental leaders.

The presence of the Lord was with us throughout this whole trip we were able to minister to those on the street in Pismo beach giving words of knowledge. We encountered and prayed with backslide Christians that were hurt by the church. We prayed for a couple and reconciliation happened, tears flowed, hugs and the true love of God showed up everywhere we went.

As we stopped along the roadside we prayed blessings over businesses, from gas stations to boutiques. When we prayed for the employees there was evidence that they truly they felt the love of God flow through us to them.

We were obedient to walk out his divine appointments throughout the journey
in Southern California in April 2016. There is nothing more fufling than
knowing God is with you changing lives as you step out in obedience.

Everywhere from Starbucks to Motel 6 we were able to share the love of God and have a great privilege of sharing Jesus to several along the way. Some had
heard of Aglow and many will now never forget the men and women of Aglow
that stepped out and told them how much God loves them and cares about
every detail of their life. God is pouring out the new wine upon California and this nation and what a honor to serve him in Jesus name.
If you are interested in joining Teresa Etter in 2017, contact her at teresaetter55@yahoo.com

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January 15th, 2016 No comments

Vero Beach Florida opened the opportunity for Aglow to come with their leaders to the streets with the love and goodness of God!  It was colder than expected and the crowds weren’t at the beach…. but God!  He had Divine appointments as they stepped out of their comfort zones and began to engage in friendly conversation with those they met.  There was laughter,  sharing, prayers and even tears of appreciation!  As they sat sharing their experiencing over a delicious ice cream and coffee, everyone agreed the day was a shining gift from God and everyone was so pleased they had come out ready and willing to see what God would do!  Transformation local teams are alive with the vibrancy of their experience with their Lord and bringing life to the streets!

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Going Thru the Gates of Oman

October 8th, 2014 No comments

Seven daring women met together in the airport in Muscat, Oman, to begin an adventure that
we will not forget. We had three from the country of New Zealand, three from the USA and a
younger American woman living in the United Arab Emirates as we ventured out on our own
to fulfill the assignment given us to pray for that country and its people as well as to encourage
our fellow Aglow women and others living there. Oman, like many of the countries in the Gulf area,
is a wonderful mix of almost every nationality to be found in the world so we were taken by the
great numbers of Asian, African, European as well as Arab people residing there. We had many
God- incidences occur as we traveled from place to place. It was as if God just kept telling
us that we were doing what He had planned for us. For example, we were able to tour the old
city of Muscat with the husband of our Aglow leader there. An American who was born in Oman,
he gave us a wonderful story of the history of the country as well as taking us to his home on a
beautiful cove on the Gulf of Oman. Another example was an Omani man who owned our villa
came by to speak with Oliver, the manager. After being introduced to each of our team, we found
out in our conversation that he had attended the elementary school, Madressa Alamana, where
Cheryl had taught in the early 80’s. Lastly a man whom we had met in a Pizza Hut about two
hours from the city turned out to be a manager of the renowned Al Bustan Palace Hotel who gave us a personal
tour a few days later when we visited there.These surprises were God’s way of telling us He was with
us and guiding us. We visited three (one of which was made up of Indian women who spoke no English)
of the four Aglow groups in the country where we were able to worship
together, fellowship and pray for them individually. They, in turn, were so welcoming and friendly to us;
offering us food and sharing with us. Lastly we drove thru the various city gates many times-each time declaring that the King of Glory was coming into that country.
Some of the highlights were our times of prayer together. We often awoke early and found ourselves
sharing and praying in our pajamas together in the morning before breakfast. Times of driving in the
car were often times of concentrated prayer of all kinds- gratitude, declaration, prophecy, supplication and laughter.
We felt that we were breaking down some strongholds and changing the spiritual atmosphere of that country.
For us, it was an unforgettable experience. It was such a privilege to be there, sent by the Lord, to pray for
people whom He loves. We have great faith that He will demonstrate His love to them in amazing ways in the future.

Written by Cheryl Erbes

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