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A Life Changed

November 28th, 2017 No comments

Lois Koss found this testimony after Magda’s first outreach and we ought it was a wonderful thing tribute to God and to our friend Magda.

Thanks Janet.
I want you to know I am not the same person that went on the trip. God did a lot of things in me that I am just becoming aware of. I am a lot less anxious than I used to be. I am calmer in situations that used to rattle me. Just knowing that God is right with me. My head knew that before, but I can’t say I lived it day to day. I am now. I don’t think God is finished in that department, but I know He is changing me. I am witness to that.
I also think I got to know Him better, so I love Him more. And sooo want to be with Him day and night. I got a taste of that on the trip. And now I want more of Him and to be more like Him. I am sure at one point He will make me love like He loves. Unconditionally. And forgive like He does. Instantly. It still takes me a few days to forgive. But I know He’ll get me there.
I am cherishing every moment and memory of that trip. Got to talk abt it in the bible study I go to. And maybe will do at church. Will see what God allows.

Hope all is well with you.
Love, Magda

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2018 Upcoming Opportunities to Change Hearts and Touch Nations

November 1st, 2017 No comments

When you are ready to make a difference in your family, community or nation or a part of an international team on an Aglow outreach, we are waiting to hear from you.  Don’t wait to be asked.  Contact the Transformation Department that is the evangelism and discipleship pillar of Aglow International.

If you are interested in any of the potential trips below, contact the team leader as soon as possible. Plans for trips are finalized many months before the team departs for their journey whether In the U.S. or other countries.


California – Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade Outreach!
December 31, 2017
Team Leader: Barbara Pritchett –


Dates: January 30 – February 14
Information: Evangelistic outreaches, pastor/leader training, Aglow conference, and more in remote Uganda villages, AND distribute Days For Girls kits!
Approximate Cost: $2800 cash / $2950 credit card
Team Leader: Fran Hallgren
Delita Cordes –
Dates: March 2018 (3 travel days built in)
Information: Working with CMC on Luzon in evangelistic/healing crusades, school/street evangelism, pastor/leader training and conference.
Approximate Cost: $3500
Team Leader: Shirley Terris –
California – National Parks New Wine Adventures
Dates: Spring
Information: Prophetic Evangelism in America’s National Parks, praying God’s original intent over this nation while stepping into God’s appointed opportunities to share Jesus in Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, and to Mount Zion National Park. We will be co-laboring together with local Aglow’s in areas as well as other ministries. We will also be going into some of our Native American reservations praying reconciliation over the land and people while seeking God’s heart for them.
Approximate Cost: $1000
Team Leader: Teresa Etter –
Dates: July 6-18
Information: VBS outreach in remote Alaska villages, as well as community outreach, womens ministry and more. Working with children’s evangelism ministries and local pastors.
Approximate Cost: $1800
Team Leader: Chris Sheeley –
Dates: October/November
Information: Evangelism in Western Uganda remote villages, including pastor/leader training, outdoor outreaches, schools/orphanages, AND bringing water filtration systems to purify local well water.
Approximate Cost: $2800 cash / $2950 credit card
Team Leader: Fran Hallgren –
California – Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade Outreach!
December 31, 2018
Team Leader: Barbara Pritchett –

Possibilities on the Horizon!

If you feel God calling you to any of the potential trips listed below, contact the Team Leader as soon as possible. Plans for these trips are finalized many months in advance.

Dates: Summer
Information: Evangelism, pastor/leader training. Planning in process with Aglow and Frans daughter-in-law.
Approximate Cost: To be determined
Team Leader: Fran Hallgren –
Brazil, Ecuador, Honduras
Dates: Fall 2018
Information: Micro-business outreach: Bringing the love of Jesus to the poor through teaching sewing, jewelry and/or other skills
Approximate Cost: To be determined
Team Leader: Pat Kempf –
Dates: Fall 2018 / November
Information: Village outreach, evangelism and leadership training
Approximate Cost: To be determined
Team Leader: Karen Wells –
Dates: November
Information: Service at an orphanage, develop interest in Aglow
Approximate Cost: To be determined
Team Leader: Delita Cordes –
Dominican Republic
Dates: To be determined
Approximate Cost: To be determined
Team Leader: Chris Sheeley –
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