2019/2020 Upcoming Opportunities to Change Hearts and Touch Nations

If you are interested in any of the potential trips below, contact the team leader as soon as possible. Plans for trips are finalized many months before the team departs for their journey whether In the U.S. or other countries.


Dates: June 23-July 1, 2019
Information: VBS and other ministry in Stebbins and St Michael, Alaska
Cost: Only $900 per team member!
Team Leader: Fran Hallgren – frantastic@fastimap.com
US National Parks
Dates: Spring/Summer 2019
Information: Prophetic prayer and evangelism in America’s national parks
Team Leader: Teresa Etter – teresaetter55@yahoo.com
Pat KempfBrazil
Dates: July 14-30, 2019
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Information: This will be a two-fold opportunity in Brazil: Trauma Healing and Micro-Business skills Training. We are looking for team members who are certified Training or Apprentice Trauma Healing Facilitators and who are seasoned Intercessors to be a part of the team to do ‘special-ops’ Intercession on-site.
Cost: $3150.00 – If paying by Credit/Debit Card there will be a 5% handling fee added to the cost. Cost Includes: *Airfare*(praying the airfare will go down), meals, housing, transportation, & insurance (*Airfare from Alaska & Hawaii may be more)
Team Leaders: Pat Kempf – safeguard2@sprynet.com
Dates: Late September, early October
Information: Details to come
Team Leader: Rob McDermott and Janet Mangum – melonie.mangum@me.com
Dates: October 25-Nov 4
Information: Outreach and leadership training
Team Leader: Karen Wells – kwells096686@gmail.com
Dates: November 7-17, 2019
Information: Want to partner with God on a powerful transformation mission to Cambodia? It’s the Right Time to go into the harvest fields that’s so ripe and plentiful. Consider this an invitation to start planning to get on this awesome assignment. Outreaches into villages where some unreached people will have opportunity to hear the gospel and receive Christ, testimonies, preaching of the good news with miracles. We will also have meetings with Pastors and leaders to encourage them.
Cost: will be announced as soon as we get fare prices in the new year.
Team Leader: Contact Remi Ogunrinde at remirocs@gmail.com if your heart is stirred.
Pasadena California
Date: December 31, 2019
Information: Parade and a Purpose! Ministering to people as they “hold their spot” for watching the Rose Bowl Parade.
Team Leader: Barbara Pritchett – barbaraaglow@aol.com


Date: April 2020
Information: Recruiting now for April 2020 Philippines trip. Space is limited so if you are interested, step up right away and contact Janet. We will be working with Aglow National President Tessie Felicio and her team. Conference, evangelism outreaches with a variety of ministry. Approved ministry leaders may invite an intern to join them on the team.
Approximate costs: $3,000 depending on flight costs. Covers all expenses including food and housing
Team Leader: Janet Mangum – melonie.mangum@me.com






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  1. Michelle Rouse Avatar
    Michelle Rouse

    Interested in updates for transformation teams, training on evangelism and leadership. Can I get involved to be on transformaton team?

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