2016 California New Wine Tasting Praise Report

In a team of five we completed our last leg of the 21 missions of
California. We went to missions from Santa Barbara to San Diego and
everywhere in between having divine encounters. Praising and worshiping
God all the way. The purpose of praying is 21 missions was reconciliation
between the Native Americans and the things that were done in the name of
God that were not in love and caused great harm to this country. I felt
the Lord say this was the finishing work of the reconciliation and I
spoke to Lou ingle about this and he agreed, knowing the missions to
California I have been prayed over many times. What a great honor for
Aglow to be the finishing work of the Lord using us as his vessel’s.

At each mission we had communion and prayed over the land in the people and
had unique encounters and each mission site with staff and visitors
giving us the opportunity to share the Lord with many.

We also met withAglow gals in Santa Barbara and spoke and at the Aglow
meeting in Ventura stirring up the gift of evangelism as we do in the
transformation team. It truly was a blessing as many of them joined us
along the way to the different missions.

We were also blessed to go to San Diego before the Aglow national conference was there in September. We met with Pastor Joel from Church Multiplication Coalition and his wife from the Philippines. We have worked with them when they lived in the Philippines. We were able to minister and bless them as they have come to the states as missionaries. They came with us to the San Diego mission and Naval base as we prayed for military and the protection of
our country and our governmental leaders.

The presence of the Lord was with us throughout this whole trip we were able to minister to those on the street in Pismo beach giving words of knowledge. We encountered and prayed with backslide Christians that were hurt by the church. We prayed for a couple and reconciliation happened, tears flowed, hugs and the true love of God showed up everywhere we went.

As we stopped along the roadside we prayed blessings over businesses, from gas stations to boutiques. When we prayed for the employees there was evidence that they truly they felt the love of God flow through us to them.

We were obedient to walk out his divine appointments throughout the journey
in Southern California in April 2016. There is nothing more fufling than
knowing God is with you changing lives as you step out in obedience.

Everywhere from Starbucks to Motel 6 we were able to share the love of God and have a great privilege of sharing Jesus to several along the way. Some had
heard of Aglow and many will now never forget the men and women of Aglow
that stepped out and told them how much God loves them and cares about
every detail of their life. God is pouring out the new wine upon California and this nation and what a honor to serve him in Jesus name.
If you are interested in joining Teresa Etter in 2017, contact her at teresaetter55@yahoo.com






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