Going Thru the Gates of Oman

Seven daring women met together in the airport in Muscat, Oman, to begin an adventure that
we will not forget. We had three from the country of New Zealand, three from the USA and a
younger American woman living in the United Arab Emirates as we ventured out on our own
to fulfill the assignment given us to pray for that country and its people as well as to encourage
our fellow Aglow women and others living there. Oman, like many of the countries in the Gulf area,
is a wonderful mix of almost every nationality to be found in the world so we were taken by the
great numbers of Asian, African, European as well as Arab people residing there. We had many
God- incidences occur as we traveled from place to place. It was as if God just kept telling
us that we were doing what He had planned for us. For example, we were able to tour the old
city of Muscat with the husband of our Aglow leader there. An American who was born in Oman,
he gave us a wonderful story of the history of the country as well as taking us to his home on a
beautiful cove on the Gulf of Oman. Another example was an Omani man who owned our villa
came by to speak with Oliver, the manager. After being introduced to each of our team, we found
out in our conversation that he had attended the elementary school, Madressa Alamana, where
Cheryl had taught in the early 80’s. Lastly a man whom we had met in a Pizza Hut about two
hours from the city turned out to be a manager of the renowned Al Bustan Palace Hotel who gave us a personal
tour a few days later when we visited there.These surprises were God’s way of telling us He was with
us and guiding us. We visited three (one of which was made up of Indian women who spoke no English)
of the four Aglow groups in the country where we were able to worship
together, fellowship and pray for them individually. They, in turn, were so welcoming and friendly to us;
offering us food and sharing with us. Lastly we drove thru the various city gates many times-each time declaring that the King of Glory was coming into that country.
Some of the highlights were our times of prayer together. We often awoke early and found ourselves
sharing and praying in our pajamas together in the morning before breakfast. Times of driving in the
car were often times of concentrated prayer of all kinds- gratitude, declaration, prophecy, supplication and laughter.
We felt that we were breaking down some strongholds and changing the spiritual atmosphere of that country.
For us, it was an unforgettable experience. It was such a privilege to be there, sent by the Lord, to pray for
people whom He loves. We have great faith that He will demonstrate His love to them in amazing ways in the future.

Written by Cheryl Erbes






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