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Our team consisted of almost 80 people with 12 leaders and several assistant leaders, working together to see the Kingdom of God expanded in the Laguna Province of Philippines.  We had people from New Zealand, Vietnam, United States and Philippines serving side by side proclaiming the goodness of our Lord Jesus!

The team had 29 international members 10 of which were men from the ages of 18-73 and gals from the ages of 13-76 plus 47 national team members!

Totals for Laguna Province, Philippines Outreaches:
Crowd: 5,280
Salvation: 4,352
Prayer Lines: 2,646
Bible Studies: 118 (with new converts)
Potential Churches: 6

We met with the governor, mayors, local official captains, school teachers and leaders, jail officials and a variety of people everywhere!  What a challenge!  What a joy!  What a solid, amazing work of the Lord!  He blended us, met us and proclaimed Himself as God Creator of Heaven and Earth in dramatic ways.  Ask a team member.  Hear their story!  It’s incredible!


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