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This last week, in a hurry to get errands run, I asked my husband to send a package for me. I stuck a little stickie note on the front with the address so he could use it to print out the official mailing label and send it at the post office. Busy hands, busy lives, sometimes a step gets missed! That was the case for sure. Good thing God knows where we are!

I got an email from Shannon who just happened to go into work at the post office in her city that day and this is what she said:

thank you for the gift I nearly didn’t receive.

When I walked up to our post office, there was a sign on the door, “If you know someone named Melonie Mangum from Newbury Park, CA please come see me. There is a package for someone here but there is no name or post box written.”

I tore the note down and sheeplishly walked up to the counter and said to my boss, “Ummmmm, this is for me….” and held up her note.
She said, “Seriously? ? It is for you??? ”

She grabbed the package off our shelves and after scanning it as delivered, told me that so many of the customers, after seeing the sign on the door, were telling her to throw the box in the ‘Dangerous’ area as it might be a bomb, or to send the package back…..

So I apologized profusely and agreed with her that we have a really nice and generous post master who kept a box that wasn’t labelled properly just because she wanted to to ensure that whoever the package belonged to would receive it….

But the mug made it safely to me, and after throwing it in the dishwasher, I had my morning cuppa tea out of it the following day!

So thank you for thinking of me while you were on your trip and, by the Grace of God, your mug made it safely to Yarnell, and eventually to me….
With the email Shannon sent me a picture of the package. No address except the city and state! Yet she got it!

It may look like God doesn’t know where you live. Your circumstances may be saying, “Where are you? Don’t you know I’m here?” But he does and is working on your behalf bringing life, blessings and provision. He often is stuck with using vessels like us, who sometimes don’t remember to do all they should and something gets missed along the way – But God! But God! Thank you Lord for bringing us the grace and mercy of your love and showing us in little ways the deliberate expression of your goodness!

Again – thank you!!!

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