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Practical, extremely helpful and equipping! Consdier buying Greg Stier’s book, Dare to Share. It has conversation starters, ideas, and lots of good equipping information for the beginner to the experienced. It’s a field guide to sharing your faith.

“The Electric Green Eye Candy” of N.Z.

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"Electric green eye candy" field

Electric green eye candy is the phrase Janet used to describe the beautiful green of the fields in New Zealand. New Zealand is home to 4 million people and 6 million sheep which dotted the green with fluffy white wherever we went. A Transformation team of six (Janet Mangum, Teresa Etter, Cheryl Erbes, Lois Koss, Georganne Schweichert and Patricia Lynn Taylor) arrived in New Zealand, the utter- most parts of the earth, eager to see what God had in store for us.

Part of team and Kiwi friends

We were greeted at every turn by welcoming Aglow sisters, and some brothers, who cared for us, transported us and guided us throughout their land. Such wonderful, joyous people eager to serve the Lord and learn about Him.Once we sorted out our vocabulary with such words as boot (car trunk), bonnet (car hood), tea (evening meal) and serviettes (napkins),we were ready to go.

We began our Kiwi journey in Christchurch at the National Aglow Convention. Despite the fact that a month before Christchurch had experienced a major earthquake with over 2.000 aftershocks, the women came, excited and ready to worship. The convention included two forays into Christchurch; one was to

On the streets in Christchurch

activate our share Partner experience, telling the stories of God in our lives to the many folks in the Square, singing, dancing and rejoicing in the Lord.  Many of the participants returned with excitement and each van was abuzz with sharing on the return. Our second  return to Christchurch came that evening when we attended a “concert” given by the youth of the city. They were amazed at our “older” ladies who danced and worshiped God so freely and expressively and we were blessed to pray for the Holy Spirit’s infilling for a number of young ladies. We were told later in our time in N.Z. that there was revival happening among the youth as a result of that evening concert. The convention close with a “fire” tunnel activation  which  birthed new things for New Zealand Aglow and the all of us that day.

Next was a quick plane flight to Dunedin in the south of the South Island where the winds come straight from Antartica. BBRRRRRR-Even for the few the Midwesterners among us. We once again went out into the city of Mosgiel sharing the good news even though it was raining, That evening we met together worshiping and thanking the Lord for what He was doing among us.

Friendly faces in the Square

The rainy day at Mosgiel

In prayer

Once again another flight hop to Wellington where we spent much of our time ministering with and to the Elim congregation of Porirua. This included an evening with the youth of the city, another evening called a Healing Evening and the Sunday evening service where we planned an interview format with Janet as Oprah. During this time there was a breakfast where we were able to meet some pastors, youth leaders and former Aglow leaders as well. Such faithful leaders they were. God was at work once again with His encouragement and inspiration.

The last meeting

Lastly we flew to Auckland , the largest city in N.Z. We were able to share and minister twice to groups of Aglow women both in Auckland and in Whangarei. What a joy to be with true “sisters” in the Lord as we traveled. God was faithful, as He always is, to meet everyone’s need, no matter what the issue and they responded with thankful hearts. We prayed for and with many of people and a number of miracles occurred such as healing of deaf ears which definitely excited us all. We have been told that the attendees are still talking and sharing about the evening.

What a beautiful land and wonderful people we encountered. It was an honor to be among them. The Lord is on the move in New Zealand, caring for His flocks and teaching them how to share His love among their countrymen with joy and love. We truly were in the land of New Zeal.

Beautiful waterfall

Written by Cheryl Erbes

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