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San Jose Share Partners

October 12th, 2010 No comments

180 of them – out to the streets they went!  Some only had a half hour, others a couple of hours.  Half of them had never stepping out to try this kind of interaction with strangers others were veterans and full of faith and ready to reach into hearts with the love of God.  What was the result?  The exclamations came back in excited voices and joy-filled body language of salvations, healing, recommitments and numerous seeds planted for the Kingdom of God.  an amazing time!  Seeing Gods love touch lives was incredible!  Some resistant, but received prayer and afteward tears flowed.  I was encouraged, inspired, stretched and equipped by God from the experience.

It was an God-anointed and God-motivated experience. I didn’t know my partner but she was a ball of fun!

Had a great time sharing.  The more people I spoke to the more comfortable I got.  It was a wonderful time to go as a team.  Awesome, awesome, awesome as we flowed together.  Let’s do it again next year!

Houston in 2011 – Here we come!

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