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Transformation – My Personal Word Part 2


God is about our development.  I thought at first he was only about my development in prayer, or Bible knowledge, but in time I realized the Bible, and therefore God Himself, was interested in my personal healthy, happy, effective living from now to eternity. And He planned for me to become a multiplier.  I always had a sneaky feeling that when the bible says God told Adam and Eve to go and multiply, He wasn’t just talking about having more children, but that He was commissioning them to go and multiply His image in the earth.

Ask any Transformation Team member if their experience only effected their lives when it comes to evangelism or prayer or if it effected their lives in general, their families or friends,  and how it changed their outlook on life as a whole.   I began to realize God wasn’t just interested in the “eternity” part when we leave this body and join him.  It is about here and now until there and then!  He’s forming something and that something is you and I and our effect on others.


Engaging in intentional activity even when its not the prelim to marriage. It produces a fulfilling life and is a continual quest, not just a short term mission trip.  Not moving forward is just not an option.  I had a pastor many years ago who would often use the word “intentionality.” I didn’t remember hearing it used when it came to spiritual development before that time.  Yes, knew being a good mother should be an intentional effort, being a good wife, learning in any arena took intentional effort.

I had this odd impression that if it was something God cared about, and wanted to do, that I didn’t have an “intentional active” part in.  I must have thought that God was going to cause it to land in my life in some way without my personal pursuit or activity.  I also had a false impression that if it came to me without any of my own effort it was somehow more spiritual and God-formed than if I had stepped into it intentionally.  Anything that I did that expressed my personal desire or action was defined as either “running ahead of God” or some sort of soul power absent from any God-initiative or commission.  As you can tell by this writing, I have changed my mind.


Yes, I want God’s heart, will and ways.  I want to be in agreement and flowing with His timing as well as His wisdom.  But I am no longer afraid that my own desires will be so contrary to His plans that I cannot intentionally step out and taste His personal pleasure and power in the activity.

Remember the movie, Chariots of Fire?  The famous line the distance runner exclaimed was that he felt God’s pleasure when he ran.  In the picture that was an incredulous thought to the religious people of the day.  Running in a race to win seemed unspiritual and they severely doubted he could experience the pleasure of God in such an endeavor?  But also in the picture, based on a true story, the missionary runner was convinced that God wanted him not only to run but to win.  His life made a profound statement to the world and it was repeated every time the movie of his life was shown.  Yours does too every time someone looks at you.  Run to win, intentionally step out in Him!

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  1. Rindy Reeves
    July 2nd, 2010 at 16:29 | #1

    This is a great word. And, personally, I love the word “intentionality.” It has new meaning for me since going on Aglow Transformation trips!

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