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Uganda Team June 2010


“…the power of God swept over me and I prophesied revival had been birthed in Uganda. I shook violently. Like Isaiah in chapter 6, I was “undone”… God’s presence came with incredible power and with the fear of the Lord. Some were silent, others wept, a loud shout of birthing went through the tents… Over and over the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “Revival isabout the power of My presence before it is about the presence of My power.”  (Catherine Brown – Elijah List – February 2010)

God is up to something BIG in Uganda, and we have the opportunity to be part of it! Having been to Uganda twice, I have seen with my own eyes the hunger of the people for the Living Water of God’s Word and thousands of children eager to know God’s love.

In 2008 as I (Fran) stood in front of 427 pastors and leaders from Kyenjojo area in Uganda, the prophetic utterance came forth: “…Why not here?  Why not now?  Why not you!” We traveled with Aglow National

Leader Imelda Bwayos to Wanale’ Summit, where we shared Communion then praised the Lord with all our might, blowing shofar and prophesying over Uganda from that high place.

In 2009 we hiked up the side of Mt. Elgon to some remote villages that had NEVER seen a missionary before, delivering the message the God loves them and cares about them that are lowly and humble.  One night, it was pouring down rain.  But instead of scattering, the people pressed in so hard, desperately wanting to hear the Word of God being preached!  Many received salvation and healing.

We went to school after school, orphanage after orphanage, where the

children (some Christian, many Muslim, a few Hindi, and who knows what

all else) were so curious to see the foreign missionaries share the Gospel through Bible story enactments, and the message of Christ through the Evange-Cube.  We literally saw hundreds of children raise their hands to accept Jesus into their hearts and say a prayer of salvation.

And we prayed with teen girls who had been rescued from a life of actual slavery, sex and labor,some already HIV+, a couple with babies, all with little or no education.  As we prayed, the Spirit was faithful to give words of encouragement to them through us, so they KNOW God sees them and cares.  One girl we met in Wakite had run away from home to escape circumcision.  We were able to bless and encourage her.  There is no endto the opportunities. In the jail, we saw the hard women melt in the presence of the Lord, and become willing to let us pray for them.

The Bible says, “Many are called but few are chosen.”  Will you choose

to be chosen?                     Because God is calling again.

June 5-19, 2010 an Aglow Transformation Team will again put feet on the ground in Uganda to spread the Gospel, to teach the hungry hearts, to encourage the tired and weak, to minister to the captives both in hospital and jail.

WILL YOU JOIN US as we co-labor with sisters/brothers there in the name

of Jesus Christ? “Here I am, Lord, send me.”

Read the Uganda 2008 Team Report at www.aglow.org.  Watch a short video of Uganda 2009 on Fran’s FaceBook wall.  Look at pictures at www.picasaweb.com/franak48/

Listen in your heart.  Is God calling to you?

Fran Hallgren Aglow Transformation – Uganda 2010 – For more information on how you can be part of this team, contact Fran immediately.  Time is running out.frantastic@fastimap.com 907-895-5532

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