Day 8 (Final Day) – Yad Hashmona

yad-hasmonaOur final day together was spent at the community of Yad Hashmona, and with our friend Asher Intrater. Yad Hashmona means “Memorial to the Eight.” You can read about their interesting history by visiting their website.

The community — known as a “Moshav” — is made up of about 150 Messianic Jews and Christians from all over the world. Through our connection with Asher, Aglow has built a strong relationship with Yad Hashmona over the years. We spent a wonderful afternoon together, worshiping, listening to an inspiring message from Asher, and enjoying a meal together. We very much felt like part of the family.

After saying our goodbyes, we drove back to Tel Aviv for our final evening together, eating traditional Israeli food at a restaurant on the beach. It was a great way to end a wonderful tour.

As first-timers to Israel, Druci and I were overwhelmed at the significance of each stop we made along the way. From the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, to the Sea of Galilee, to the Golan Heights, it was all incredible. We can see now why many people visit Israel over and over again. It’s impossible to take it in with one trip.

We’ll be back!

3 thoughts on “Day 8 (Final Day) – Yad Hashmona”

  1. This is so important as a step towadrs understanding messianic Jews. I think most Jews look at us with the kind of stereotypes that Yad L’achim and Jews for Judaism promote. That we are deceptive, all missionaries, and very christian. They portray us as the wolves and innocent Jews who don’t know better as our sheep. It is so wrong. We are persecuted plenty by the Jewish community, and this is so apparent in Israel where normal Israeli citizens who happen to believe in Yeshua are harassed and persecuted by these organizations and even the government.We are just regular Jews who want to stand together with Am Yirael.

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