Day 3 – Temple Mount and Western Wall

Much of our third day was spent walking and praying. What a privilege to be in this city — one of the oldest in the world. It has been conquered, destroyed and rebuilt time and again, and every layer of its earth reveals a different piece of the past.

This is the place where Abraham was ready to give his only son, Issac, as an offering to the Lord. And this is the place where Jesus will set up His Millenial Kingdom. Jerusalem is mentioned over 1000 times in the Bible (but not once in the Koran).

It was difficult to take it all in, as we walked and prayed through God’s Holy City. For this blog post, Druci and I want to offer a simple video with images of the Temple Mount and Western Wall, for you to watch and pray along with us, for the peace of Jerusalem.

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  1. having been there many times with you all but couldn’t go this time, I am SO loving all these posts and videos. Plus seeing the smiling faces of my friends. I so believe this is a crucial time for Israel. So glad those I’m “in the trenches with”, are putting feet to the ground to pray. Love you all. Praying along with you, Jane

  2. Ok bataween I’ll leave prioolitesatisn out and since this is about fleeing and reasons why I’ll just re-post a few of the things done to Christians. War stinks from both sides of the coin. How do I know about war??? My pay grade is above O-5 and I’ve been alive for a long time.Maybe you’re not old enough to remember but I am. We are talking over 60 years of war and the list is much longer. So let’s see if you have (the you know what’s) to post the other side of the story.St. George’s Cathedral in Jerusalem. On 3 Feb. 1944 three Jews were surprised as they tried to set a bomb at the gate of St. George’s Cathedral through which the British High Commissioner would pass on his way to Sunday service.French Catholic Ratisbonne School. On 20 Nov, 1947 Jews smashed the statue of the Virgin Mary in the enclosure. German Catholic Church of Jerusalem. On 16 Feb. 1948 Jews threw hand grenades into the yard of the the church.Dormito Abbey, Mt. Zion. Also on 16 Feb. 1948 a bomb was thrown by the Haganah into the garden barely missing two fathers.Zionists fired on Jerusalem from the Hebrew University, Hadassah Hospital and from two synagogues located in the Old City.On Mt. Zion in Jerusalem Israeli forces first seized then looted various churches and convents. Gold and silver religious objects were taken and the churches and convents turned into military posts. The soldiers desecratedand vandalized the Armenian and Greek Orthodox cemeteries.Christmas Day 1952 the Israeli army blew up the village of Ikret, whose population was 100% Catholic. Its beautiful church was destroyed and the population were scattered to other parts of Galilee.October 1953 the Israeli army destroyed the Christian village of Kafr Bur’om in Galilee. Its churches and schools were demolished and the population scattered to various parts of Galilee.July 1954 Israeli fundamentalists attack a Christian religious procession of the Carmelite Fathers and the Christian community of Haifa on Mt. Carmel near Haifa. The procession was dispersed, many crosses were destroyed andmany Christians were injured.July 1961 a Christian Fundamentalist missionary group in Jerusalem was forced to cancel it services when attacked by stone-throwing Jewish religious fanatics. They chanted “Eichmann! Eichmann!” and began tossingrocks.10 January 1963 the Finnish Christian Mission School in Jerusalem is attacked by seventy Jews, mostly Yeshiva students. They smashed windows and beat Mr. Risto Santala, the school pastor. Further along the street the plate glass windows of the Zion Mission shop run by Reverend William Hallwere smashed.1967 & After -Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem shelled by Israeli forcesChurch of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem — Israeli soldiers and youths throw stink bombs into the church

  3. Craig, Brian Houston and the Hillsong group are great at the relational part of ministry. As you know, ARC leaders and church planters also enjoy that same kind of relational connection. Thanks for highlighting the importance of building strong relationships within ministry groups. God and People…that’s it!Billy Hornsby

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