Sunday Morning Session

Well, we have finally arrived at the closing session of the 2014 US National Conference. Throughout the sessions haven’t we been blessed, encouraged, challenged, and upgraded. Let’s dive right in!

Gifts to the City

Our 2014 Gifts to the City Albuquerque recipient is Christian Children’s Home. They house, clothe, and educate “at risk” children in the Albuquerque area. Thus far we have raised $8,094. Thank you, Aglow men and women for your bountiful generosity. Gifts are still being received. If you’d like to participate, click here. Please note “2014 US National Conference – Albuquerque Children’s Home” with your gift.

GCST Team Recognition

Amanda and Kariah recognized the 2014 GCST team. Thank you to everyone who served this year to make this conference possible. We could not have done it without YOU. Please consider serving at the next conference you attend. We need all hands on deck to make it happen.

Graham Cooke – Offering

Lillian Reigner

Lillian Rayner

We are Aglow. We are passionate about Jesus. We are strong, vibrant, committed, a people without fear. We’re making war on all negativity with joy. This peace is too strong for us to be anxious, worried or panicked. Our mindset is rooted in majesty, and we are rising to a new level of power. We are warriors. We know how to engage with God before we engage with the enemy. We know how to stand firm, to enter into presence, and abide. We are believers who love the learning. We’re worshippers who love presence. We are ordinary people transformed to become those who are strong and do exploits.

This morning’s offering is for the General Fund. The General Fund is for generals, people out there in the earth commanding the fight against the enemy, fighting for Aglow in pursuit of freedom and the cause of the Kingdom. Let’s give out of our identity. Let’s give into our own future. Let’s invest in all that we are together. Give now. Note: In order for Aglow to receive the $220,000 matching funds please note “2014 US National Conference” in your gift.

During the offering Lillian Rayner blessed us again with song. What a voice! What an anointing!

Glenda Fleming

Glenda Fleming spoke about the fact that Buckingham Palace flies a flag when Queen Elizabeth II is in residence. It is a sign for the people and a warning for the enemy. We fly His banner perpetually because He resides in us. We carry His presence wherever we go. We are a sign from heaven and a warning to the enemy.

Nancy McGuirk

Nancy McGuirk conveyed a quote by Marine General Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller. Puller fought guerrillas in Haiti and Nicaragua, participating in the battles of World War II and the Korean War.

Puller said, “We’ve been looking for the enemy. We have finally found him. That simplified everything! He is in front of us and behind us. He is at our right flank and our left flank. In fact, we are completely surrounded. He doesn’t have a chance.”

Linda Jones

Jane had a message burning on her heart to speak at this session, but was unable to do so.She is going to try to speak it before she goes to Asia. The Headquarters Office will get it out as soon as possible.

Graham Cooke

Intimacy – The Source of Power

Key Points of the Message

Graham Dancing

It’s very important for us to understand that carrying His presence is not just a conference. It’s a statement about the lifestyle we intend to lead from this time forth. It’s a statement about who we are, so that everyone around the globe is going to know that Aglow carries the presence of God. And if you’re in trouble find somebody in Aglow.

It’s important for us to be aware of the schemes of the enemy – II Corinthians 2:11. It’s more important for us to be aware of God’s plan from the beginning – Genesis 1:28.

The chief lie of the enemy to Adam and Eve was that they would be like God. They already were like God. They were pure, righteous, and powerful. The enemy wanted to subvert them from worshipping God to worshipping him.

A religious spirit uses words to control and coerce by creating doubt about God’s true nature.

The punishment for man for disobeying God was relational death – sent out from the garden, sent out from the presence of God.

The enemy’s original power given by God was a delegated authority. He still rules by the same permission. But when Jesus came, everything changed. Jesus came to restore all things with a new covenant based on intimacy and habitation with Him. He IS the secret place where we learn to abide.

Through intimacy we learn to dwell in Christ, and we are therefore restored to a place of active resistance. Everything you do for God is automatically against the enemy.

It is the goodness and kindness of God that leads us to repentance.

How much grace does your neighborhood need in order to come back to God fully? Your job is to bring down that grace.

Grace is the empowering presence of God that enables you to become the man or the woman that God sees when He looks at you.

If God put us here to subdue the enemy, how would the enemy prevent that? He would deceive people into believing something that wasn’t true about themselves.

If you believe everything that God says about you, there’s no room for the enemy to deceive you.

Satan tempted Eve through deception to entice her into an action that wasn’t based in relationship.

The enemy goes to great lengths to violate God’s glory by twisting scripture to reduce the presence and the power of God in His people.

The enemy’s greatest strategy is not to fully oppose us, it’s to join us. It’s to work his way into the heart of who we are and what we believe, and just start that thing of twisting us.

Jesus didn’t die FOR you, He died AS you. So congratulations, you are officially dead.

If you’re born again to a new life, then the old life doesn’t apply. You are not changing from the old, you are becoming new.

A revival is not an event, it is all of us rising up to our proper place in Christ. When you are fully restored to your proper place in Christ, everything you are in the Lord Jesus, you are your own revival. You will bring renewal and you will revive everything. We are restored. We need to come to the level of full restoration and when you see the church doing that you will see a power of God, a movement of God sweeping across the face of the earth.

What we’ve done in this religious culture is we’ve made a place for untold millions of wonderful believers to never rise up and occupy a place that ministries do. When the Bible says that He gave apostles and prophets to equip the saints so that THEY could do the work of the ministry. Every one of us has the potential to do something stunning and something amazing. We are an army of ordinary people rising up taking our place making His presence felt wherever we live.

The enemy lost his place in Heaven and he wants to make sure we never understand or experience our true place in the Heavenly realm.

The enemy wants to create in the church a culture of fear, panic, anxiety, offense, resentment, bitterness, doubt, unbelief, anger, judgment, shame, and accusation. That is the worship language of hell.

Trusting the Lord, believing God, and having faith, and praying, are all acts of worship.

When God says something true about you, it’s true about you. It doesn’t depend upon your ability to live up to it.

We love the idea of intimacy with the Father and with the Son, but we must become intimate with the Holy Spirit also.

Intimacy is abiding, it’s resting in God, it’s dwelling in His presence, so that He becomes OVER all and IN all, until we look to Him for everything.

The best thing you can ever do with your life is make it vulnerable to the goodness of God.

Intimacy is being found in Him – Phil 3:9. Intimacy is our place of constant refreshing.

Worship is where we deepen presence, and increase the flow of anointing, and we are re-empowered.

Don’t let the enemy keep you fighting. We don’t fight on his terms, we fight on God’s terms. So we allow the Holy Spirit to dictate the flow of anointing when it comes to warfare. It’s God that schedules our conflicts, not the enemy.

Intimacy is the manifestation of God’s presence.

Men need to make a bigger effort in rejoicing and giving thanks.

Satan is vulnerable when we rejoice and give thanks. Therefore, to maintain control over us, he must blunt the desire for intimacy.

The enemy dis-empowers our intercession by making us too warfare intense rather than presence oriented. He wants to make himself be the focus of your intercession rather than the Father being the focus of your intercession.

If the strength of your focus is on battle and not intimacy, the enemy is controlling the fight.

When we value intimacy more than warfare, the revelation we receive in intimacy dictates the flow of battle.

If most of your revelation is about what the enemy is doing you’re out of focus.

Authority is the outgrowth of intimacy.

Joy gives you a strength that allows you to overcome.

Intimacy provides for a cheerful discouragement of the enemy – John 16:33.

Intimacy enables us to perceive God. It creates a commission to rule.

The enemy wants to dictate the level of engagement, and the only way he can achieve that is to disconnect you from worship and presence, from intimacy as a source of power.

Worship restores us to the posture of active resistance where we lean into God so that we press the enemy back.

If you’re going through hell, move quickly.

Prophetic Word to Aglow

There is a joy in intimate alignment that removes all the weariness of life. There’s a place set aside for you where all struggle ceases and you enter into the fullness of rest and peace. And the Lord says, as you worship Me, as you wait on Me in delight, you will be wonderfully renewed.

It is in intimate strength that I have arranged for you to view life from a higher realm. And as My spirit gives your spirit wings, so you will be raised up in your intimacy to be close to Me. And you may come before the throne of grace and receive everything you need. You are My people, My beloved. And it is My absolute intention to raise you up out of circumstances, out of a culture you no longer have any business being in, because I have redeemed you from that.

And it is not your place to walk in those things. It is your place to walk in the high places with Me.

It is your place to sit with Me far, far above, far above, far, far above and enjoy the view.

I will supply you with the confidence so large it shall become a new boldness of spirit. And you will have power to stand, to run, to walk without tiring.

You will see miracles in your physical body, miracles in your physiology, that as you come into a place of intimacy, intimacy will act on you physically. And you will become stronger, more fit, more powerful, and you will live longer, you will not be debilitated in any way. You will have a new energy, a fresh power will pick you up physically and will strengthen you powerfully. In your intimacy receive a fresh anointing to learn the power of rest and peace.

Your soul is always untroubled when it lives in the shadow of your spirit in Christ.

I love rest, says the Lord, and I love you. I will let you know My peace which will always guard your heart and your mind. Everything I do is easy for Me. I have no heavy burdens. My joy is so powerful it lifts everything around Me. This is what I have invited you into. This is your place, right here, with Me.

I’ve given you a helper. Listen to Him. Allow no other voice to overshadow His, and We will commune with you. You’re in Christ now. You are not your own. You have a different body. You’re in Christ. That was our plan from the beginning to have you become one with Us, so that you would become like Us, and We would live in you. Beloved, it’s still the plan.

It’s time to extricate yourself from the affairs of this world, and become a citizen of Heaven, and become involved in that dimension of life that We bring to you freely and joyfully.

We’re making you like Us, and We love what We’re doing. We love what We are doing in you and with you and We love partnering with you, We love talking to you, We love listening to you, We love being with you, We love helping you, We love anointing you, We love lifting you, We love encouraging you. We love working with you.

Stop working with the enemy. Work with Us. We have better benefits. We have better benefits. We have no sickness package, though. You’re in the Kingdom now. You’re in the domain of the King. Learn how to abide there.

Learn how to take advantage of everything that your God wants to give you. This is your day. This is your time. You’ve still got time to rise up and be absolutely, thoroughly brilliant. Let’s do it!

Closing Words From Linda Jones

It’s my determined purpose to live there and I do not want to live one foot in the Kingdom and one foot in the earth, so I’m taking a step with both feet. It’s time for us to be “All in”.

We closed the session by singing “I Then Shall Live” along with the Gaither Vocal Band.  What a powerful way to declare together in unity that we are a transforming force in the earth. We are Aglow!

Start making plans now to attend the 2015 Aglow Global Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana November 5-8, 2015.

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