Saturday Morning Session

With one mind, in one accord, a powerful Kingdom army, we entered into worship Saturday morning singing, “Hosanna to the King in the highest”.

John Hammer

John Hammer

John Hammer, author of the book “eXXXit”

At an early age John became addicted to hard core pornography. The son of a pastor, he lived a double life for many years, fine on the outside, but being torn up on the inside. After transforming experiences with God, John was completely set free, able to replace a mindset of addiction, despair, and self-loathing with his new identity in Christ. John has written a book called “eXXXit”.

His hope is that those who are trapped in the same place of despair will read it and be set free, delivered from guilt, shame, hopelessness and demonic oppression. eXXXit is his clarion call to live the abundant life that Christ has purchased for us on the cross.

Jessica Wilson – Anti-Human Trafficking

Pornography fuels the demand of sexual addiction. If the demand is not stopped, the industry continues to grow.

Aglow’s 3 action points.

  1. Raise awareness and education
  2. Become involved locally in your community
  3. Partner in prayer with rescue:freedom international

rescue:freedom international asked Aglow to send cards with messages of encouragement and hope to children in 3 of the ministry’s safe houses. So far they received over 500 cards from Aglow men and women around the world! Please consider sending in a card. Along with your message of love, please include your name, where you’re from, and a picture. Cards must be received by January 15. Send the cards to the Aglow Headquarters office.

Aglow International
Attn: Anti-Human Trafficking
PO Box 1749
Edmonds, WA 98020-1749

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Dianne de Jong

When Dianne takes the offering you know you’re going to be in for a treat. This year Dianne brought in a long list signifying the numerous instructions and how-to’s in our lives. Sometimes the long list blocks the view of our all-powerful permission giving God. At one point she paused on the word “Income” and said, “I don’t want to see my provision come IN, I want to see it come DOWN. I am believing for a DOWNcome! Dianne challenged each person in the audience of 2000 to give $30. Give now.  Remember, everything that comes in for the offering with be matched up to $200,000. Please note “2014 US National Conference” in your gift.

Diane Fink Prophetic Insight

Diane saw a very large footprint in the spirit. The footprint got larger and larger until it was superimposed over the whole globe. The Lord spoke to her heart and said, “I am enlarging the footprint of Aglow in the earth. A larger footprint is being made that will encompass more territory and more authority than the print that has been made thus far.”

I am enlarging the footprint of Aglow in the earth. A larger footprint is being made that will encompass more territory and more authority than the print that has been made thus far.

We have impacted the nations of the world, but God was saying, “I am enlarging the footprint of this ministry. There is a greater footprint to be made, there is a louder voice to be heard and there is a wider and broader influence to be had through the ministry in the earth because time is short. The wait is over.”

Many words have been spoken to our ministry – the wait is over. There is an identity that we have yet to step into fully – the wait is over.

A footprint is an impression that is made from the weight of the person. There is a footprint that we make when we put the weight of His glory in the earth as we carry His presence. We are making a footprint and God is enlarging that footprint.

There is a new wind blowing in the Middle East. A wind of the Spirit is beginning to blow in the Middle East. We are part of that purpose. He’s giving us a new pair of shoes. He’s increasing our shoe size. It’s time – the wait is over.

Carolyn Suty

These new shoes are made for walking. You’ve been commissioned. He’s sending you out. You have to have a power and fire and you can’t go unarmed. He’s putting a sword in your arms that will break down the barriers. He’s commissioning and equipping you to take those new shoes and walk.

Cindy Jacobs

Key Points of the Message

Fanning the Flame

Cindy JacobsRomans 12:11 – Be aglow and burning with the Spirit.

I feel this anointing to shift. God is going to release a new fire. I felt like the torch of God, like something had exploded inside of me.

The Lord said, I want you to set yourself on fire and I want you to remind these GG’s – glory girls – and the men – of who they are, that they are burning rods for God.

We are the ones connecting the generations.

There is a renewal fire of the Holy Ghost coming to Aglow. Be Aglow. Be burning with the Spirit.

We are burning. We go into nations and we change things. We go into nations and we are change agents.

God wants to do a new thing – something that has never been done before.

Each generation stands on the shoulders of the former generations.

What is the power of one woman? Hell trembles when one woman obeys the leading of the Holy Spirit.

How hungry are you?

The word of the Lord says, “Don’t burn out! God has need of Aglow!”

Ephesians 4:12 talks about the equipping of the saints. The word equipping there is katartismos. It means to bring into alignment, to snap into place. Stop that old thinking! Don’t think you’re getting out of this. Don’t think you are going to retire! God has need of you! Make a decision! God wants to use you!

Prophetic Word for Aglow

I’m coming with a fresh visitation of fire upon Aglow. My power is getting ready to be loosed in a measure you cannot imagine. For there is a tsunami wave of My glory coming. It’s going to fall upon both the young and the old. I’m coming with wave, upon wave, upon wave. There’s a new season where the testimony of My Spirit will come once again. It’s time for the testimony. It’s time to release the testimony of God once again in a greater measure. The Pentecost fire is falling. The convicting fire – power – that leads sinners to see themselves as who they are is coming. The power of testimony that leads sinners to see Me as their Savior will release My overcoming power says the Lord.

There is a revivalist anointing coming to Aglow. God is getting ready to send thousands and thousands to the streets. The fields are white with harvest.

For the Lord would say, I’m going to refresh you, and I’m getting ready to propel you, says the Lord. Some of you have made a decision, I have served enough, God has used me enough. The Lord says, I don’t need those who go in the back room and knit. I need those who are on fire for me.

Prophetic Word to Diane Fink

And the Lord would say, I’m getting ready to send an army of women to the Middle East. And I have put it in your hand, the end of the garment. And the Lord would say, not only did you give the word about the unraveling of the garment, but God says, I’m going to use your hand to do it.

Prophetic Word to Both Diane Moder and Diane Fink

So the Lord says, you’ve taught and trained and you’re going to send prayer teams. The Lord says, you see these women? These are your army. I’m not calling them to the easy places says the Lord. I’m calling them to the hard places. I’m calling them to be willing to love not their life unto death. I’m calling them to be pioneers says the Lord. And the Lord says, Look at the United States. The fields are white with harvest. Do not fear or be intimidated.

The Lord says, I am not rescinding my call to the Jews.

I’m bringing a new layer, says the Lord. For I will open the doors. And the Lord says, Even as I deal with ISIS, and I am going to do that. The greatest revival the world has ever seen is coming to the Middle East. The Lord says, Isaiah 19, Isaiah 19. I’ve called you to build the highway of holiness, Aglow. You will go from Egypt, to Syria, to Israel. Come on Jane, build the highway, build the highway…

…My eyes have searched the world to see who has prepared for this season of revival. Who will love the sons of Ishmael? Who will love the sons of my servant Abraham? You will love them. You will love them.

Prophetic word to Jane

Go into the fields, the Lord says, you are a mother of nations. You are a mother of nations. The Lord gives you this promise. I will give you this key to do what you need to do. Your time is not up! It’s beginning! The Lord says, I’ll show you how to walk through this next season. I will renew your strength like an eagle. There is an army of young women coming, those in their 30’s, those in their 20’s and the Lord says, you have even tried to mobilize, but you have not seen the mobilization even your heart desires. But God says, they are coming, and I’m going to give them a heart for the Middle East….And the Lord says, I will show you the dark places to go. I will give you the breaker anointing to break open these nations. I will put My hand upon you. I will make it happen. I will do it, says the Lord.

So the Lord says, “Whom shall I send?”

Set yourself on fire and say to the Lord, “Pick me!”

Be Aglow, be burning, be fervent! Here I am, choose me! Here I am use me!

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