Saturday Evening Session

Jessica opened the session with the announcements in her own gelastic style keeping the audience in stitches. #FunnyGirl #LoveJessica #YouCANprayInTheSockIsleAtWalmart

New Men’s Aglow Coordinator

Dave McDaniel

Dave McDaniel – Men’s Aglow Coordinator

Men’s Aglows are exploding with more than 35 around the world, and that number is growing quickly. We are all excited to welcome Dave McDaniel as the new Men’s Aglow Coordinator. Dave is the Aglow President of the Men’s Aglow in Bakersfield, California, and husband of Nancy McDaniel. After Jane introduced him Dave remarked, “God has been very interested in pouring out the fullness of what He wants to give us in all these years. Begin to serve wherever you’re at. This is a time not to be complacent.” Welcome, Dave McDaniel, you are an amazing, mighty man of God.


Klaus took us straight to the heart of God in worship this evening. We had a precious time in the presence of the Lord exalting the King of kings, and our beloved. During worship Julie Meyer prophesied that she saw the heart and spirit of Elijah being poured out on Aglow. The heart of the fathers are being turned toward the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers. Generations are arising. A wave of new youth are coming. Our ceiling will be their floor. Generations are taking over the media, the market place. The day is coming when the Generations conferences will be 10, 15, 25 thousand youths.

Graham Cooke

Key Points of the Message


Graham CookeIf we’re going to walk with God in the fullness of all that He is within Himself, then we need to obey the relational word to give Him the preeminence in all things.

Question – What would it look like for you to see majesty everywhere, to think majesty, so all your thinking glorifies Him and elevates you in the same moment?

We are not being challenged by the demonic or oppositional people, Jesus is above all of that. What if we’re only being challenged with goodness? What if goodness itself is a nuclear device? We overcome evil with good.

There’s no doubt that what makes the Lord distinctive above all other Gods is His power, His   excellence, and above all His majesty. He is unequalled, unrivaled, unsurpassed in His superiority.

When we become focused on His exalted self, our worship goes to a place of exaltation. To enter into worship fully, you have to lose the sense of yourself. It’s not worship if you’re just self-contained.

It’s in majesty that the joy of the Lord becomes strength. Otherwise we’re trying to do a work-up job.

We are changed when we connect with majesty as a life force.

Whatever you seek in life you are going to find – even if it’s the wrong thing. Make sure you look in the right way.

Here’s a key. Majesty is an eye opener. It expands your vision and what you see you need to articulate, but you need to articulate it in the strength of how you’re seeing it, so your language needs to change.

You need to learn a vocabulary that has no place for any negative words, no place for fear, no place for anxiety or worry or panic.

You have the language of possibilities because Jesus came down and He never talked about problems, because He’s representing the Kingdom. There are no problems in Heaven. You can’t keep giving in to the language of the world when the language of the Kingdom is better. The language of faith and trust and possibility is so much more powerful.

What are we not seeing that makes us talk on a negative level?

Learn the language of the Kingdom, a language that is in alignment with who we are.

The enemy has to come in big numbers when he comes against us because he is afraid of us.

The enemy only likes to face people that he can intimidate so he can create fear in them. Those are the odds that he likes.

In the face of fear and unbelief, the person experiencing majesty will always step into their own inheritance in the Lord.

If you’re going to be a carrier of His presence you’re going to have to embrace majesty as a way of thinking, feeling, and talking.

We’re headed into territory where we are one focus, one heart, one mind, one voice, one spirit.

We have this incredible focus on who God is for us and we know anything that comes between us and God is going to be toast.

It’s so important to study your prophecies and promises. Everything in that promise or prophecy belongs to you. All your process is contained in your promises.

Being in Christ means that we are more like God than we realize. In Christ we are elevated to a place of passion beyond our natural selves.

In order for you to be passionate about God you have to receive His passion for you.

Everything that God wants from you, He intends to give you first.

Majesty through presence means our spirituality is not passive.

We cannot allow a theology that empowers the enemy and disables humanity.

The purpose of our engagement with presence elevates our identity to the level of majesty.

It is vital for us to practice an enthroned mindset rooted in God as supreme ruler who always triumphs.

Allow no lesser thought than one that engulfs majesty.

You can think from a different realm, from a place above your circumstances, or you can think from a place directly involved in your circumstances. So….stop it! That’s not you. Set your mind on things above.

In all are partnerships we are creating an environment that is full of the manifest destiny of God.

That’s why it’s time for us to do Lighthouses differently. Some of us are stuck in a model that is no longer relevant for you. We need to find creative ways of doing our Lighthouses differently, and what better way than to learn how to change your life, how to think differently, how to have a different perspective, how to learn a new language, to disciple each other.

If all your thinking brings you to a place you don’t like, have another thought.

With a majesty mindset we’re learning to experience God fully, especially in the heat of battle because we know that God does what is impossible only when the possibilities of man are exhausted. Don’t put all your possibilities in the way of God.

We’re learning to grow in our identities as warriors, developing our ability to relish the fight, to increasing joy under pressure, and to learn how to beat the enemy by being refreshed in the presence of God.

We are a prototype in the earth. A prototype people is a company of people who want to get out there where everything is possible and start doing it and not be hanging back here with the people who are too afraid to even think about getting out there.

We are heading into territory where fear cannot go.

As a representative of majesty we’re learning to impose His superiority over the enemy so that we can take territory.

Not running away is the biggest part of victory. Most of victory is not giving in.

An overcomer wants to get to another level. But to get to another level you have to beat the devil on the level that you’re on.

The primary issue of prayer is this: If permission, promise and provision exists in heaven for someone, it can be brought to the earth. Every revelation we have from Heaven is to equip us in our prayer focus.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. So in worship our freedom leads us into a generous permission.

The fruit of Lordship is liberty and the fruit of liberty is favor, and the fruit of favor is permission, and the fruit of permission is to ask and receive because everything is yes and amen in Christ.

A lifestyle with an identity rooted in majesty will proclaim and declare His Lordship so that liberty may result.

It’s not enough to deliver people from the bondage of the enemy. We want to displace him from our locality.

Prophetic Word for Aglow

It is your time to arise to cross over the Jordan of your circumstances and live in the place that I have provided. I will teach you how to occupy, because one who is more than a conqueror is one who takes territory and holds that territory and occupies it until Jesus returns. And I am turning you from a people who are seeking territory to people who can occupy territory. I brought my people out of Egypt where they had no territory and I took them to the Promised Land, and I gave them territory. I will teach you occupancy. And you must believe that I AM is your footsteps of power. I AM is with you, I AM is for you.

Walking in the Spirit is about acknowledging that every place I take you belongs to you for the time that you are present. And I will teach you to occupy in the place where you live. I have marked out the places, says the Lord, where I will give you specific authority to overcome as you learn the secrets of majesty.

It is My intention that you will be soaked and saturated in your mindset, in your perception, in your language, in your stance. And you will be saturated with majesty. Until majesty is the only thing you think about when you come into contact with the enemy. There is no power that can successfully oppose you as you live on the level where you inhabit the presence of the Living God. The Lord Jesus lives in you fully and when He does you become the ruler and the reigner with Him. You partner with Him in supremacy.

As I was with Jesus so will I be with you that the power of My words will reside within your heart and My favor would abound all around you. It should sound too good to be true. That’s how you know it’s Me, because I don’t make false promises. I don’t make substandard promises. All My promises are attached to majesty and sovereignty. I will never leave you, nor will I fail you in any way. I will be with you always.

Look for Me in your circumstances and You will find Me. I have territory that belongs to you. You must possess your possessions. You must become a people of promise. You must be a stakeholder in the Kingdom. Be careful of following My wisdom. Receive My perception, and think the same thoughts as I do regarding your favor and your blessing.

I’m making you in My image. Don’t try and make Me in yours. Don’t turn away from your favor. Step into the place of fullness. My will is to promote you. This is your time to regain My strength and power, to learn the way of courage. Many things will come against you, but We will smile over you, and We say to you, in no way be daunted by the enemy. Look to Us. Look into Our face and your own face will become radiant.

That’s why, says the Lord, I’ve set aside several levels of worship for you to inherit. And you are moving away from the old songs into the new songs that are songs of identity, songs of power, songs of favor, songs of overcoming. I’m giving you new songs to sing, and new songs that will become part of you. This new worship will not have been seen in the earth – ever – not even at the dedication of the temple. This is the sound of the Bride singing. This is the sound of the Bride singing towards heaven longing for union with her lover. This is the song of the Bride, and as you sing that song, you will hear the song of the Bridegroom. And the presence of God will come down, and He will overshadow you, and He will inhabit you, and you will rise up into a place of elevation that He has set aside for you.

It is time for the church to become glorious in the earth. It is time for a glorious Bride, a beautiful Bride, a powerful Bride. It is time for a world changing supernatural power to rise up in the earth and take her place and rule, and reign in the name of Jesus and displace the enemy in your locality.

You are a prototype, and I’m so pleased with you, I’m so blessed by you. And the Lord says, you have earned the right to be trusted with high levels of power and provision. I release you from the bonds of sacrifice of learning to be faithful. I release you from that because you have proved yourself. You have stood, and stood, and stood, and walked, and spoken, and prayed. And you have become powerful, but now I will teach you what power really is.

I release you through sacrifice. I release you into abundance. I release you into favor. I release you into fullness because I trust you, says the Lord. I trust you. So I take away all limitations, and I release you into the same place that Jesus occupied on earth. And I release you, and I will teach you to walk more fully in His footsteps at the level that He walked amongst the sons of men.

This is your time to arise. This is the time of your arising. Like a hot air balloon I break all the things that would tether you to the earth. And I call you to rise up, level after level after level until all that you once were has gone, and a whole new Aglow has taken its place.

This is your time to rise and it’s why I want you living in majesty. Because majesty will provoke you to discover Me in all My fullness.

Nancy McDaniel Closing Prayer

Again Lord, we say, we will not hold back. We arise, we press forward in the generosity of the space that you’ve put before us. Into the generosity of the worship of Heaven, into the generosity of Your majesty, and all that You have spoken, decreed, declared over us, Lord.

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