Friday Morning Session

Ring of Fire

At the beginning of the Friday Morning Session Sandy Wezowicz, Israel Education and Watchmen on the Wall, Program Director spoke about the prophetic word spoken about Israel on Thursday which said that there is a “Ring of Fire coming around Israel”. Sandy proclaimed, “Aglow you are a company of warring fire brands”.

Double Blessing

Kay Rogers then spoke about this being a year of double blessing and double proportions. In 2015 Aglow will be taking groups into Israel twice. The spring journey is called “Carry His Presence” where you can visit the significant places in Israel, be baptized, those who have completed the Watchmen on the Wall course will be commissioned, and more. The fall journey will coincide with the Feast of Tabernacles. Find out more

Pam Eichorn

Great Lakes/Ohio Valley Regional Director Pam Eichorn, took the offering. She said that Abe Lincoln was not a Christian when he took office. He became a Christian at Gettysburg. Pam observed that Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address in the new found presence of God. She also mentioned that George Washington dedicated New York City God. At the leading of the Holy Spirit Pam traveled to New York City and gathered 200 stones to pass out to conference attendees. The stones which had been soaked in prayer were given to those present at the morning session. Two donors have made an offer to match the morning offering up to $200,000. If you would like to participate click here. Please notate 2014 US National Conference in your gift.

The Bees are Amassing – the Ground is Softening

Jane introduced Chuck Pierce as a man of God, friend of Aglow, and prophet. Last year’s word about the bees amassing came from Chuck Pierce’s Glory of Zion Church. As we stand in the honeycomb, fresh words will pour down, that with a quickening word, will change the minds and hearts of the hearers. Another word spoken last year said the ground under our feet would be sweetened and softened. In Aglow’s newest affiliated nation of Qatar, we believe that is happening.

Chuck Pierce

Key Points of the Message

Chuck Pierce

Chuck Pierce

In the 70’s Aglow was the only place other than Full Gospel Businessmen that nurtured the prophetic, and prophetic people.

On December 20, 2014, Chuck saw God’s plumb line come down for this season.

When other prophets in scripture prophesied about plumb lines things began to be built again.

God spoke to Chuck, “I am ready to realign my apostolic people throughout the earth and I am going to begin with you.”

Now is the time for things to be completed. A wise woman builds her house. You can’t build a house without a plumb line.

Three generations are aligning and prophesying together, it is time to arise and shine. We are entering a great season of revelation.

Four Major Shifts

  1. Heaven’s atmosphere enters earth
  2. Government in Heaven is activated
  3. Government in Earth aligns as a kingdom force!
  4. Earth structures shake.

This year there is an atmospheric shift in the earth. The government in heaven is also activating.

There is a marching in the land that is not of God, but God is sending angelic help.

Women begin the shift!

Last year was the year women took a lead in stirring up the earth realm again.

This is the year God will use YOU to initiate a new movement. YOU are going to be used to shift things off dead center and shift things into a new glory realm.

Faith works in time and space – Acts 17:24-27.
When you’re at the right place at the right time, faith cometh.

The Hebrew Letter Ayin

5775 - Hei AyinThis is the season of the Hebrew letter Ayin. Ayin is the season of watching at every crossroads, the season of angels, the season of 70, a season to break all captivity from your promise, a season of sending.

We have a new apostolic sending call on us.

Doors and Springs

Enter in seeing the open door to new springs! This is a door of hope from the valley of troubling. – Hosea 2, Isaiah 2, Nehemiah 6-8

God is opening a door for you to get through all the trouble you’ve been going through.

The Hebrew Letter ‘Hei’


The Hebrew letter “hei”

In the Jewish calendar this year is 5775. 5 is the Hebrew letter Hei, and 7 is the letter ayin. This year the hay surrounds the ayin.

‘Hei’ means life, wind, rest, grace, Hagar, Esther.

Rest from what you’ve been striving in. God is going to do something in an unusual way, and we don’t have to strive. God is going to unlock some unusual seed that you didn’t work for. He’s going to start bringing in seed that you haven’t strived for. It will be an extraordinary time of receiving.

The civil government will be required to ask for revelation from God’s people. They will get to a place where they will have to ask. In a day He birthed Israel, in a day he can realign us.

This is a season of embracing the sound of the whirlwind of heaven and unlocking seeds for your future.

Developing a new identity for the future!

How you express the essence of who you are changes! He becomes and unlocks a portion in YOU – Ephesians 1. There is identity in us that has never been released.

The Whirlwind

5775 will be the year of the whirlwind. In this ‘hei’ year, you must stay in the eye of every storm. This is a year of rest! Get in your abiding place.

This year the door that you’ve been walking up to will open. When you walk through the door, a window will open over you, and a fiery wind will come down.

God will be breaking into history to empower and rescue people. He comes to strengthen us and to deliver us from the enemy.


This is a year that Israel becomes the eye of the storm.

What is the eye of a hurricane like? All the nations surrounding Israel are like a whirlwind.

The eye is a region of calm at the center of a hurricane. It is surrounded by the eye wall, a ring of towering thunderstorms where the most severe weather of the hurricane occurs.

Hadassah, Esther

Another ‘Hei’ word is Hadassah, or Esther. This year Aglow will become Hadassah with supernatural access. You will have the right word at the right time.

This year women will be used to make great announcements – Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20.

Watch for the announcements. We have been given the power to bind or loose. If you see a woman who is making an announcement contrary to the word, bind the power of her voice.

The Mantle Takes a Shift

In a ‘Hei’ year the mantle takes a shift. The mantel is your authority, your identity. It’s extended or passed on. The mantle of Aglow International and those being aligned with it is now extended. (Chuck brought a double portion tallit and put it on Jane.)

Jane – This is the time for us to fully step in to the next place of our identity. This is a time for us to initiate to announce to speak into the next season of the earth. It is a new hour and a new day not only for us, but because of what God has spoken to us as an Esther movement it is a new hour for Israel. We don’t stand WITH them, we stand AS them.

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