Friday Afternoon Session

Jane Hansen HoytThe Friday afternoon Process Sessions provided a question/answer time giving people a chance to relate the upgrades and truths they have received in GameChangers, LifeChangers, and in their person walks with the Lord. The blog features the session that Jane facilitated with the US Regional Directors. To learn more about GameChangers and LifeChangers contact your Aglow Regional Director.

What does being delivered from the old man mean in your everyday life?

Kitty – Kitty is choosing to stay in a place of rest, trusting Him. She is making the decision to believe what He says is true no matter what it looks like in the natural.

Patricia – When Patricia has a struggle with the accuser trying to resurrect the old man she physically pushes down with her left hand to remind her the old nature is pushed down. Then with her right hand she reaches up to receive His righteousness.

Brenda – When you are going through a trial ask which of the 9 fruits of the spirit you need to get through it.

Sande Lofberg – Sande’s old man used to hide in the back of the room. She has learned His perfect love which casts out fear, so now she can walk in freedom.

Linda Jones – “For me it’s a matter of choice and focus. It’s deciding every day to walk in the newness of life.”

Glenda Fleming – What is helpful for Glenda is to get a picture in her mind of how she looks when the new man is operating and focus on that.

Fred – If you put on frumpy clothes when you wake up in the morning, you feel frumpy. But if you put on nice clothes, it makes you feel radiant. The Lord wants us to dress our spirit man in His glory.

Joy Green – “How can people see Christ in me even if I don’t say a word? You have to practice.”

Barbara – “The first thing I had to do was to believe the prophetic words that have been spoken over me.”

Marta – People are stuck in old belief systems and mind sets. We don’t have to walk in the old paths. Change the way you think so it lines up with the Word and what Christ says.

How is God upgrading your thinking?

Karan Reed – Since God’s favor is upon Karan, His favor also rests wherever she is.

Glory – “It starts with proclamation, with your voice. I’m a possibility kind of gal! I choose to be a possibility thinker.”

How do you see these truths changing Aglow in your Region, Lighthouse and Area?

Dianne de Jong – When people come forward in prayer they want to tell you their old man problems. We need to address their new man.

Sue – It’s a partnership with the Lord. We are building positive relationships living present to future.

Cindy – “Ask God where He wants to start; ask Him questions. Ask God how He sees you and tell us what He says.”

Joy GreenNancy McGuirk – “What we are engaged in is not the power of positive thinking, we are living out the reality of the truth of the Word.” During a recent crisis Nancy and her team did not fall apart, they looked at the situation as an opportunity for an upgrade and the problem ended up turning out beyond their expectations.

How do you live with a sense of wonder and awe and joy and majesty on a day to day basis? How do you process everything through wonder and awe?

Carolyn Suty – God spoke to Carolyn and said, ‘I’m going to show you wonderment and astonishment.’ He has shown up in astonishing ways. Carolyn said, “Part of it is expectancy.”

Billie – “If you can get your mind off your own circumstances you get a better perspective.”

Dana – “GameChangers and LifeChangers launched me into a whole new realm. I work in a hospital, and I look for opportunities in the hospital to ‘change the game’ for the people walking through the door.”

Janet Mangum – The GameChangers message has changed the perspective and lives of the teams that go with Janet on her Transformation outreaches in a profound way.

Linda Jones – “When someone sees the change that happens to you it is contagious.”

Laurie – “We’ve had to learn to rebound from difficult situations. Sometimes it’s a small step for stepping into what God has and what He wants us to do. If we take that small step God will meet us.”

Linda Jones – “You don’t have to respond to every negative thing that someone says.”

Woman – “Our job is to speak life into people.”

Connie – “I used to look at my circumstances at face value, then I learned to ask God questions like, ‘God how do you see this, what do you want to do, how can I partner with that? It can completely flip a negative circumstance.”

Sally – Sally recently encountered a woman who struggles with addiction problems. The woman finally came to the point where she said, “That is not who I am, I belong to the Lord, I am not going to let the enemy win.”

Carol – When the enemy gets us to focus on inwardly on ourselves it’s difficult to make an impact anywhere. If we turn outward we can be Game Changers on a scale we have never imagined.

How does your Board handle conflict?

Isabel – “We’ve learned to call each other up and not out. There is grace and mercy for situations. Love will flip situations around.”

Jane – “The fruit of the spirit is a greater weapon against the enemy than the gifts of the spirit.”

Carol – “The way we have been learning through Graham has been a magnificent transformation. You have to begin in your own life for it to be powerful.”

Jane – We DID step into the fullness of our identity…. We’re owning it. We’re pulling it down from Heaven. We’re speaking it. We’re walking in it. We ARE it.

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