Sunday Morning Session

Well, we have finally arrived at the closing session of the 2014 US National Conference. Throughout the sessions haven’t we been blessed, encouraged, challenged, and upgraded. Let’s dive right in!

Gifts to the City

Our 2014 Gifts to the City Albuquerque recipient is Christian Children’s Home. They house, clothe, and educate “at risk” children in the Albuquerque area. Thus far we have raised $8,094. Thank you, Aglow men and women for your bountiful generosity. Gifts are still being received. If you’d like to participate click here.  Please note “2014 US National Conference – Albuquerque Children’s Home” with your gift.

GCST Team Recognition

Amanda and Kariah recognized the 2014 GCST team. Thank you to everyone who served this year to make this conference possible. We could not have done it without YOU. Please consider serving at the next conference you attend. We need all hands on deck to make it happen.

Graham Cooke – Offering

Lillian Reigner

Lillian Rayner

We are Aglow. We are passionate about Jesus. We are strong, vibrant, committed, a people without fear. We’re making war on all negativity with joy. This peace is too strong for us to be anxious, worried or panicked. Our mindset is rooted in majesty, and we are rising to a new level of power. We are warriors. We know how to engage with God before we engage with the enemy. We know how to stand firm, to enter into presence, and abide. We are believers who love the learning. We’re worshippers who love presence. We are ordinary people transformed to become those who are strong and do exploits.

This morning’s offering is for the General Fund. The General Fund is for generals, people out there in the earth commanding the fight against the enemy. Fighting for Aglow in pursuit of freedom and the cause of the Kingdom. Let’s give out of our identity. Let’s give into our own future. Let’s invest in all that we are together. Give now. Note: In order for Aglow to receive the $220,000 matching funds please note “2014 US National Conference” in your gift.

During the offering Lillian Rayner blessed us again with song. What a voice! What an anointing!

Glenda Fleming

Glenda Fleming spoke about the fact that Buckingham Palace flies a flag when Queen Elizabeth II is in residence. It is a sign for the people and a warning for the enemy. We fly His banner perpetually because He resides in us. We carry His presence wherever we go. We are a sign from heaven and a warning to the enemy.

Nancy McGuirk

Nancy McGuirk conveyed a quote by Marine General Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller. Puller fought guerrillas in Haiti and Nicaragua, participating in the battles of World War II and the Korean War.

Puller said, “We’ve been looking for the enemy. We have finally found him. That simplified everything! He is in front of us and behind us. He is at our right flank and our left flank. In fact, we are completely surrounded. He doesn’t have a chance.”

Graham Dancing

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