Saturday Evening Session

Jessica opened the session with the announcements in her own gelastic style keeping the audience in stitches. #FunnyGirl #LoveJessica #YouCANprayInTheSockIsleAtWalmart

Dave McDaniel

          Dave McDaniel, Men’s Aglow Coordinator

New Men’s Aglow Coordinator

Men’s Aglows are exploding with more than 30 around the world, and that number is growing quickly. We are all excited to welcome Dave McDaniel as the new Men’s Aglow Coordinator. Dave is the Aglow President of the Men’s Aglow in Bakersfield, California, and husband of Nancy McDaniel. After Jane introduced him Dave remarked, “God has been very interested in pouring out the fullness of what He wants to give us in all these years. Begin to serve wherever you’re at. This is a time not to be complacent.” Welcome, Dave McDaniel, you are an amazing, mighty man of God.


Klaus took us straight to the heart of God in worship this evening. We had a precious time in the presence of the Lord exalting the King of kings, and our beloved. During worship Julie Meyer prophesied that she saw the heart and spirit of Elijah being poured out on Aglow. The heart of the fathers are being turned toward the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers. Generations are arising. A wave of new youth are coming. Our ceiling will be their floor. Generations are taking over the media, the market place. The day is coming when the Generations conferences will be 10, 15, 25 thousand youths.

Graham Cooke

Key Points of the Message


Graham CookeIf we’re going to walk with God in the fullness of all that He is within Himself, then we need to obey the relational word to give Him the preeminence in all things.

Question – What would it look like for you to see majesty everywhere, to think majesty, so all your thinking glorifies Him and elevates you in the same moment?

We are not being challenged by the demonic or oppositional people, Jesus is above all of that. What if we’re only being challenged with goodness? What if goodness itself is a nuclear device? We overcome evil with good.

There’s no doubt that what makes the Lord distinctive above all other Gods is His power, His   excellence, and above all His majesty. He is unequalled, unrivaled, unsurpassed in His superiority.

When we become focused on His exalted self, our worship goes to a place of exaltation. To enter into worship fully, you have to lose the sense of yourself. It’s not worship if you’re just self-contained.

It’s in majesty that the joy of the Lord becomes strength. Otherwise we’re trying to do a work-up job.

We are changed when we connect with majesty as a life force.

Whatever you seek in life you are going to find – even if it’s the wrong thing. Make sure you look in the right way.

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