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Thursday Morning Leaders’ Summit

The Leaders’ Summit began with worship bringing the messages, “May we never lose our wonder”, “Through it all, my eyes are on You”, “It is well with my soul”, and “Our God Never fails”. As a confession of faith, we sang along together with a video of the Gaither Vocal Band, “I then shall live”. What a privilege to sing in unity with mighty Aglow men and women of God!

Living Room Chat With Jane

Living Room Chat

Anna, Kathy, Rick, and Linda sat down in a living room setting to ask Jane heart to heart questions.

Kathy – What are some of the ways Aglow has remained relevant through the years?

Jane expounded that in 1967, the year that Aglow began, many significant things happened such as the first heart transplant, the first ATM machine, and Apollo 1 was destroyed. It was also the year of the Yom Kippur War. 1967 was the year of the reunification of Jerusalem.

Recently, close to 700 people participated in a conference call to pray about relevant worldwide situations. A few weeks later we had another call where 500 participated.

We have prophetic words on most of the hot topics in the news. A team has gone into Dearborn for 7 years; Regional teams have been going into Washington DC for 5 years; Israel has been in focus for 15 years; Islam 20 years; the prayer movement has been going on for at least 25 years; male-female 34 years; evangelism 47 years. We now focus on Generations, anti-human trafficking. Jane concluded, “I think we’re relevant.”

Linda – We know that 4 women started Aglow in Seattle and it quickly spread to Canada. How do you see Aglow impacting the nations of the world?

Jane spoke about a word given to us years ago about how men and women walking through the nations of the world would softened the ground. We are doing just that worldwide even in nations where you could be killed for being a Christian.

Anna – For at least 7 years Aglow has been intentional about reaching out to men and women under the age of 35. In what ways do you see young people connecting with Aglow and what personal message would you give to men and women who are in the audience or watching by webcast to encourage them that their gifts and leadership abilities have a place in Aglow?

Jane – I love being with young people and hearing their heart, being touched by their enthusiasm, I love the commitment, fervor and the sense that there’s no reticent. They are just ready to go do what God tells them to do. So in that way, I think, ‘How can we draw them in? We don’t want to dominate, we want to integrate. And in that sense I feel blessed by the younger people in the ministry.’

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