Friday Morning Session

During the Friday morning session Chuck Pierce brought a captivating message about the season we are now in.  You will want to get the DVD for this one and listen to it several times!

Key Points of the Message

Chuck PierceOn December 20, 2014, Chuck saw God’s plumb line come down for this season.

When other prophets in scripture prophesied about plumb lines things began to be built again.

God spoke to Chuck, “I am ready to realign my apostolic people throughout the earth and I am going to begin with you.”

Now is the time for things to be completed. A wise woman builds her house. You can’t build a house without a plumb line.

Three generations are aligning and prophesying together, it is time to arise and shine. We are entering a great season of revelation.

Four Major Shifts

  1. Heaven’s atmosphere enters earth
  2. Government in Heaven is activated
  3. Government in Earth aligns as a kingdom force!
  4. Earth structures shake.

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