Friday Afternoon Session

Jane Hansen HoytThe Friday afternoon Process Sessions provided a question/answer time giving people a chance to relate the upgrades and truths they have received in GameChangers, LifeChangers, and in their person walks with the Lord. The blog features the session that Jane facilitated with the US Regional Directors.

What does being delivered from the old man mean in your everyday life?

Kitty – Kitty is choosing to stay in a place of rest, trusting Him. She is making the decision to believe what He says is true no matter what it looks like in the natural.

Linda Jones – “For me it’s a matter of choice and focus. It’s deciding every day to walk in the newness of life.”

Glenda Fleming – What is helpful for Glenda is to get a picture in her mind of how she looks when the new man is operating and focus on that.

Fred – If you put on frumpy clothes when you wake up in the morning, you feel frumpy. But if you put on nice clothes, it makes you feel radiant. The Lord wants us to dress our spirit man in His glory.

Joy GreenJoy Green – “How can people see Christ in me even if I don’t say a word? You have to practice.”

Barbara – “The first thing I had to do was to believe the prophetic words that have been spoken over me.”

Marta – People are stuck in old belief systems and mind sets. We don’t have to walk in the old paths. Change the way you think so it lines up with the Word and what Christ says.

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