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Friday Afternoon Session   Recently updated !

Jane Hansen HoytThe Friday afternoon Process Sessions provided a question/answer time giving people a chance to relate the upgrades and truths they have received in GameChangers, LifeChangers, and in their person walks with the Lord. The blog features the session that Jane facilitated with the US Regional Directors.

What does being delivered from the old man mean in your everyday life?

Kitty – Kitty is choosing to stay in a place of rest, trusting Him. She is making the decision to believe what He says is true no matter what it looks like in the natural.

Linda Jones – “For me it’s a matter of choice and focus. It’s deciding every day to walk in the newness of life.”

Glenda Fleming – What is helpful for Glenda is to get a picture in her mind of how she looks when the new man is operating and focus on that.

Fred – If you put on frumpy clothes when you wake up in the morning, you feel frumpy. But if you put on nice clothes, it makes you feel radiant. The Lord wants us to dress our spirit man in His glory.

Joy GreenJoy Green – “How can people see Christ in me even if I don’t say a word? You have to practice.”

Barbara – “The first thing I had to do was to believe the prophetic words that have been spoken over me.”

Marta – People are stuck in old belief systems and mind sets. We don’t have to walk in the old paths. Change the way you think so it lines up with the Word and what Christ says.

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Friday Morning Session   Recently updated !

During the Friday morning session Chuck Pierce brought a captivating message about the season we are now in.  You will want to get the DVD for this one and listen to it several times!

Key Points of the Message

Chuck PierceOn December 20, 2014, Chuck saw God’s plumb line come down for this season.

When other prophets in scripture prophesied about plumb lines things began to be built again.

God spoke to Chuck, “I am ready to realign my apostolic people throughout the earth and I am going to begin with you.”

Now is the time for things to be completed. A wise woman builds her house. You can’t build a house without a plumb line.

Three generations are aligning and prophesying together, it is time to arise and shine. We are entering a great season of revelation.

Four Major Shifts

  1. Heaven’s atmosphere enters earth
  2. Government in Heaven is activated
  3. Government in Earth aligns as a kingdom force!
  4. Earth structures shake.

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Thursday Evening Session   Recently updated !

Julie Meyer leading worship

Julie Meyer leading worship

2014 is Aglow’s 40th Conference

The Thursday Evening Session opened with a warm welcome from Jane.  She brought to light the fact that Aglow was incorporated 47 years ago, but this is our 40th conference. A significant number to be sure.

New Mexico is a “God Inhabited” Land

Diane Davis, SW Regional Director greeted the audience. Did you know that New Mexico has the highest percentage of Hispanic people and the 2nd highest percentage of Native American peoples in the nation? The slogan for New Mexico is “The land of enchantment”.  Diane declared over New Mexico that it is a “God inhabited land”.

Strongholds are Coming Down

Sande Lofberg, Great Plains Regional Director, introduced 2 Navajo women, Ella Wilson, and Jeanie who spoke blessing and prayed over the conference, the state and the nation. They taught the audience the word for hello in Navajo, “Yatahey”.  Before coming on the platform Ella presented a picture of a flaming sword to Jane entitled, “The Sword of The Lord, Strongholds are Coming Down”.

In Jane’s introduction to Julie she said, “Graham said, ‘God has a vision for you beyond your struggles’”. She went on to say that our vision of His majesty increases as we stand, or sit, or are prone in worship before Him. When we worship we leave our struggles, as we enter into His presence the things we think are so important begin to dim. And then we realize He’s got it all in His hands.

In Julie Meyer’s open worship she said, “Worship is a weapon. Every song is as arrows of light going out into this nation.”

Worship is a weapon. Every song is as arrows of light going out into this nation.

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