2014 U.S. National Aglow Conference

Jane Hansen HoytThe 2014 U.S. National Aglow Conference was a breakthrough conference. From the opening night of worship with Julie Meyers, to messages from Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Dan Hammer, and Graham Cooke, the Holy Spirit lifted us higher and higher into a new dimension of our identity and God’s glory! Chuck said to “listen for the announcements women would be making in 2015. They will be in the front of the next move of God.” Cindy said, “don’t burn out. Don’t become weary. The world needs Aglow.”

As the leader of this International ministry, I am announcing that Aglow has come into a new Pentecost and we are on fire with the power of the Holy Spirit! As Chuck stated, Aglow has received a double portion anointing as we move into our future. Expect it!

Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International

Sunday Morning Session

Well, we have finally arrived at the closing session of the 2014 US National Conference. Throughout the sessions haven’t we been blessed, encouraged, challenged, and upgraded. Let’s dive right in!

Gifts to the City

Our 2014 Gifts to the City Albuquerque recipient is Christian Children’s Home. They house, clothe, and educate “at risk” children in the Albuquerque area. Thus far we have raised $8,094. Thank you, Aglow men and women for your bountiful generosity. Gifts are still being received. If you’d like to participate click here.  Please note “2014 US National Conference – Albuquerque Children’s Home” with your gift.

GCST Team Recognition

Amanda and Kariah recognized the 2014 GCST team. Thank you to everyone who served this year to make this conference possible. We could not have done it without YOU. Please consider serving at the next conference you attend. We need all hands on deck to make it happen.

Graham Cooke – Offering

Lillian Reigner

Lillian Rayner

We are Aglow. We are passionate about Jesus. We are strong, vibrant, committed, a people without fear. We’re making war on all negativity with joy. This peace is too strong for us to be anxious, worried or panicked. Our mindset is rooted in majesty, and we are rising to a new level of power. We are warriors. We know how to engage with God before we engage with the enemy. We know how to stand firm, to enter into presence, and abide. We are believers who love the learning. We’re worshippers who love presence. We are ordinary people transformed to become those who are strong and do exploits.

This morning’s offering is for the General Fund. The General Fund is for generals, people out there in the earth commanding the fight against the enemy. Fighting for Aglow in pursuit of freedom and the cause of the Kingdom. Let’s give out of our identity. Let’s give into our own future. Let’s invest in all that we are together. Give now. Note: In order for Aglow to receive the $220,000 matching funds please note “2014 US National Conference” in your gift.

During the offering Lillian Rayner blessed us again with song. What a voice! What an anointing!

Glenda Fleming

Glenda Fleming spoke about the fact that Buckingham Palace flies a flag when Queen Elizabeth II is in residence. It is a sign for the people and a warning for the enemy. We fly His banner perpetually because He resides in us. We carry His presence wherever we go. We are a sign from heaven and a warning to the enemy.

Nancy McGuirk

Nancy McGuirk conveyed a quote by Marine General Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller. Puller fought guerrillas in Haiti and Nicaragua, participating in the battles of World War II and the Korean War.

Puller said, “We’ve been looking for the enemy. We have finally found him. That simplified everything! He is in front of us and behind us. He is at our right flank and our left flank. In fact, we are completely surrounded. He doesn’t have a chance.”

Graham Dancing

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Saturday Evening Session

Jessica opened the session with the announcements in her own gelastic style keeping the audience in stitches. #FunnyGirl #LoveJessica #YouCANprayInTheSockIsleAtWalmart

Dave McDaniel

          Dave McDaniel, Men’s Aglow Coordinator

New Men’s Aglow Coordinator

Men’s Aglows are exploding with more than 30 around the world, and that number is growing quickly. We are all excited to welcome Dave McDaniel as the new Men’s Aglow Coordinator. Dave is the Aglow President of the Men’s Aglow in Bakersfield, California, and husband of Nancy McDaniel. After Jane introduced him Dave remarked, “God has been very interested in pouring out the fullness of what He wants to give us in all these years. Begin to serve wherever you’re at. This is a time not to be complacent.” Welcome, Dave McDaniel, you are an amazing, mighty man of God.


Klaus took us straight to the heart of God in worship this evening. We had a precious time in the presence of the Lord exalting the King of kings, and our beloved. During worship Julie Meyer prophesied that she saw the heart and spirit of Elijah being poured out on Aglow. The heart of the fathers are being turned toward the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers. Generations are arising. A wave of new youth are coming. Our ceiling will be their floor. Generations are taking over the media, the market place. The day is coming when the Generations conferences will be 10, 15, 25 thousand youths.

Graham Cooke

Key Points of the Message


Graham CookeIf we’re going to walk with God in the fullness of all that He is within Himself, then we need to obey the relational word to give Him the preeminence in all things.

Question – What would it look like for you to see majesty everywhere, to think majesty, so all your thinking glorifies Him and elevates you in the same moment?

We are not being challenged by the demonic or oppositional people, Jesus is above all of that. What if we’re only being challenged with goodness? What if goodness itself is a nuclear device? We overcome evil with good.

There’s no doubt that what makes the Lord distinctive above all other Gods is His power, His   excellence, and above all His majesty. He is unequalled, unrivaled, unsurpassed in His superiority.

When we become focused on His exalted self, our worship goes to a place of exaltation. To enter into worship fully, you have to lose the sense of yourself. It’s not worship if you’re just self-contained.

It’s in majesty that the joy of the Lord becomes strength. Otherwise we’re trying to do a work-up job.

We are changed when we connect with majesty as a life force.

Whatever you seek in life you are going to find – even if it’s the wrong thing. Make sure you look in the right way.

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Saturday Morning Session

With one mind, in one accord, a powerful Kingdom army, we entered into worship Saturday morning singing “Hosanna to the king in the highest”.

John HammerJohn Hammer

At an early age John became addicted to hard core pornography. The son of a pastor, he lived a double life for many years, fine on the outside, but being torn up on the inside. After transforming experiences with God John was completely set free, able to replace a mindset of addiction, despair, and self-loathing with his new identity in Christ. John has written a book called “eXXXit”. His hope is that those who are trapped in the same place of despair will read it and be set free, delivered from guilt, shame, hopelessness and demonic oppression. eXXXit is his clarion call to live the abundant life that Christ has purchased for us on the cross.

Jessica Wilson – Anti-Human Trafficking

Pornography fuels the demand of sexual addiction. If the demand is not stopped, the industry continues to grow.

Aglow’s 3 action points.

  1. Raise awareness and education
  2. Become involved locally in your community
  3. Partner in prayer with rescue:freedom international http://www.rescuefreedom.org/

rescue:freedom international asked Aglow to send cards with messages of encouragement and hope to children in 3 of the ministry’s safe houses. So far they received over 500 cards from Aglow men and women around the world! Please consider sending in a card. Along with your message of love, please include your name, where you’re from, and a picture. Cards must be received by January 15. Send the cards to the Aglow Headquarters office.

Aglow International
Attn: Anti-Human Trafficking
PO Box 1749
Edmonds, WA 98020-1749

Subscribe to the Anti-Human Trafficking Newsletter

Dianne de Jong

When Dianne takes the offering you know you’re going to be in for a treat. This year Dianne brought in a long list signifying the numerous instructions how-to’s in our lives. Sometimes the long list blocks the view of our all-powerful permission giving God. At one point she paused on the word “Income” and said, “I don’t want to see my provision come IN, I want to see it come DOWN. I am believing for a DOWNcome! Dianne challenged each person in the audience of 2000 to give $30. Give now.  Remember, everything that comes in for the offering with be matched up to $200,000. Please note “2014 US National Conference” in your gift.

Diane Fink Prophetic Insight

Diane saw a very large footprint in the spirit. The footprint got larger and larger until it was superimposed over the whole globe. The Lord spoke to her heart and said, “I am enlarging the footprint of Aglow in the earth. A larger footprint is being made that will encompass more territory and more authority than the print that has been made thus far.” We have impacted the nations of the world, but God was saying, “I am enlarging the footprint of this ministry. There is a greater footprint to be made, there is a louder voice to be heard and there is a wider and broader influence to be had through the ministry in the earth because time is short. The wait is over.”

Many words have been spoken to our ministry – the wait is over. There is an identity that we have yet to step into fully – the wait is over.

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Thursday Morning Leaders’ Summit

The Leaders’ Summit began with worship bringing the messages, “May we never lose our wonder”, “Through it all, my eyes are on You”, “It is well with my soul”, and “Our God Never fails”. As a confession of faith, we sang along together with a video of the Gaither Vocal Band, “I then shall live”. What a privilege to sing in unity with mighty Aglow men and women of God!

Living Room Chat With Jane

Living Room Chat

Anna, Kathy, Rick, and Linda sat down in a living room setting to ask Jane heart to heart questions.

Kathy – What are some of the ways Aglow has remained relevant through the years?

Jane expounded that in 1967, the year that Aglow began, many significant things happened such as the first heart transplant, the first ATM machine, and Apollo 1 was destroyed. It was also the year of the Yom Kippur War. 1967 was the year of the reunification of Jerusalem.

Recently, close to 700 people participated in a conference call to pray about relevant worldwide situations. A few weeks later we had another call where 500 participated.

We have prophetic words on most of the hot topics in the news. A team has gone into Dearborn for 7 years; Regional teams have been going into Washington DC for 5 years; Israel has been in focus for 15 years; Islam 20 years; the prayer movement has been going on for at least 25 years; male-female 34 years; evangelism 47 years. We now focus on Generations, anti-human trafficking. Jane concluded, “I think we’re relevant.”

Linda – We know that 4 women started Aglow in Seattle and it quickly spread to Canada. How do you see Aglow impacting the nations of the world?

Jane spoke about a word given to us years ago about how men and women walking through the nations of the world would softened the ground. We are doing just that worldwide even in nations where you could be killed for being a Christian.

Anna – For at least 7 years Aglow has been intentional about reaching out to men and women under the age of 35. In what ways do you see young people connecting with Aglow and what personal message would you give to men and women who are in the audience or watching by webcast to encourage them that their gifts and leadership abilities have a place in Aglow?

Jane – I love being with young people and hearing their heart, being touched by their enthusiasm, I love the commitment, fervor and the sense that there’s no reticent. They are just ready to go do what God tells them to do. So in that way, I think, ‘How can we draw them in? We don’t want to dominate, we want to integrate. And in that sense I feel blessed by the younger people in the ministry.’

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Friday Evening Session

Anna HammerAnna Hammer facilitated the Friday Evening Session. Don’t you just love Anna!  Glow sticks were passed out and everyone had a blast dancing to “The Happy Song”.

Kathy Sanders and Laurie Lischke had fun with their Covenant Partnership and “A” Company skit. They had the crowd in giggles with their antics. Find out more about becoming a Covenant Partner by giving $30 a year  or part of “A” Company with a gift of $10 or more a month .

Monet and her team blessed us with The Freedom Song. Many of those dancing with Monet went to Israel this year where 25 young people from 5 nations joined the Generations group. Find out more about the 2 Israel trips coming up in 2015.

Laurie and Kathy talking about "A" Company and Covenant PartnershipFilled with their passion for God, 9 young women did a dramatic reading of the poem “Carriers of His Presence”.

Klaus Worship

The house was truly filled with His glory as Klaus led us in worship and praise singing, “How Great Thou Art”, “How Great is Our God”, and “You Are Good”.

Julie Meyer prophetically exhorted the crowd to start with giving the Lord 15 minutes at the beginning of the day. If we will, He will give us 15 billion in return, and it will usher in an unstoppable revival. Keep a journal, watch and see what the Lord will do.

In response Jane proclaimed, “You’re going to see the glory of God arise, in this nation at a time when it’s at its darkest, at a time when it looks the most unlikely. You’re going to see your God arise…..Live with an expectant heart.”

Dan Hammer

Key points of the message

Dr. Dan HammerWe are carriers of His goodness everywhere we go in life. God is not as good as you think He is! He’s better!!

Psalms 21:3 “For you meet him with the blessings of Goodness; You set a crown of pure gold upon his head.” God wants to release His goodness in you and through you.

Just as William Booth started the Salvation Army, Jane Hansen Hoyt and Aglow International is going to release the Goodness Army all across the earth.

God wants to release His goodness IN us so He can release it THROUGH us.

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Friday Afternoon Session

Jane Hansen HoytThe Friday afternoon Process Sessions provided a question/answer time giving people a chance to relate the upgrades and truths they have received in GameChangers, LifeChangers, and in their person walks with the Lord. The blog features the session that Jane facilitated with the US Regional Directors.

What does being delivered from the old man mean in your everyday life?

Kitty – Kitty is choosing to stay in a place of rest, trusting Him. She is making the decision to believe what He says is true no matter what it looks like in the natural.

Linda Jones – “For me it’s a matter of choice and focus. It’s deciding every day to walk in the newness of life.”

Glenda Fleming – What is helpful for Glenda is to get a picture in her mind of how she looks when the new man is operating and focus on that.

Fred – If you put on frumpy clothes when you wake up in the morning, you feel frumpy. But if you put on nice clothes, it makes you feel radiant. The Lord wants us to dress our spirit man in His glory.

Joy GreenJoy Green – “How can people see Christ in me even if I don’t say a word? You have to practice.”

Barbara – “The first thing I had to do was to believe the prophetic words that have been spoken over me.”

Marta – People are stuck in old belief systems and mind sets. We don’t have to walk in the old paths. Change the way you think so it lines up with the Word and what Christ says.

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Friday Morning Session

During the Friday morning session Chuck Pierce brought a captivating message about the season we are now in.  You will want to get the DVD for this one and listen to it several times!

Key Points of the Message

Chuck PierceOn December 20, 2014, Chuck saw God’s plumb line come down for this season.

When other prophets in scripture prophesied about plumb lines things began to be built again.

God spoke to Chuck, “I am ready to realign my apostolic people throughout the earth and I am going to begin with you.”

Now is the time for things to be completed. A wise woman builds her house. You can’t build a house without a plumb line.

Three generations are aligning and prophesying together, it is time to arise and shine. We are entering a great season of revelation.

Four Major Shifts

  1. Heaven’s atmosphere enters earth
  2. Government in Heaven is activated
  3. Government in Earth aligns as a kingdom force!
  4. Earth structures shake.

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Thursday Evening Session

Julie Meyer leading worship

Julie Meyer leading worship

2014 is Aglow’s 40th Conference

The Thursday Evening Session opened with a warm welcome from Jane.  She brought to light the fact that Aglow was incorporated 47 years ago, but this is our 40th conference. A significant number to be sure.

New Mexico is a “God Inhabited” Land

Diane Davis, SW Regional Director greeted the audience. Did you know that New Mexico has the highest percentage of Hispanic people and the 2nd highest percentage of Native American peoples in the nation? The slogan for New Mexico is “The land of enchantment”.  Diane declared over New Mexico that it is a “God inhabited land”.

Strongholds are Coming Down

Sande Lofberg, Great Plains Regional Director, introduced 2 Navajo women, Ella Wilson, and Jeanie who spoke blessing and prayed over the conference, the state and the nation. They taught the audience the word for hello in Navajo, “Yatahey”.  Before coming on the platform Ella presented a picture of a flaming sword to Jane entitled, “The Sword of The Lord, Strongholds are Coming Down”.

In Jane’s introduction to Julie she said, “Graham said, ‘God has a vision for you beyond your struggles’”. She went on to say that our vision of His majesty increases as we stand, or sit, or are prone in worship before Him. When we worship we leave our struggles, as we enter into His presence the things we think are so important begin to dim. And then we realize He’s got it all in His hands.

In Julie Meyer’s open worship she said, “Worship is a weapon. Every song is as arrows of light going out into this nation.”

Worship is a weapon. Every song is as arrows of light going out into this nation.

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2014 US National Conference

Jane Hansen HoytJoin me, and over 2000 Aglow women and men from around the United States, for this strategic gathering of warriors and champions. Jesus, the Lamb of God, has done too much for us to live below the level of all that He died to purchase for us. Come expecting to discover a new dimension of what it means to be carriers of His presence into our daily lives.
– Jane Hansen Hoyt, President/CEO, Aglow International

Our 2014 US National Conference will be held Oct. 30 – Nov. 2 at the Albuquerque Convention Center.

Pre-registration for the conference is now closed. You can register on-site at the Albuquerque Convention Center beginning at 12:00 noon on Thursday, October 30. Registration will be open throughout the event.

Note: Attendees may participate in the Leaders’ Summit without a badge