Wednesday Morning Global Council

Jane Hansen HoytAglow leaders from 104 nations gathered on Wednesday morning for our Global Council meeting. Jane reminded us all that the leaders present represented 170 nations, and that over the history of Aglow, there are 192 nations that we have touched at one time or another.

Jane shared with our national leaders that they are a critical part of the ministry. She said that we need to stay focused on the message of who we are in Christ, keeping the enemy at our backs and keeping Jesus before us.

As Jane often does, she reminded us all about the word in 2008 where the Lord told us that He wasn’t giving us a vision for the functionality of ministry, but that He was giving us Himself. She said that our greatest mission as Aglow leaders is to be conformed to His image and to carry His presence wherever we go; the real game changer is about His presence.

Jane said that preoccupation with ourselves must give way to a greater revelation of the Great I Am. Jesus said I am with you always — not I will be with you — He said I AM with you. It’s about His presence.

Jane also referenced a word that was spoken over Aglow at Church Pierce’s recent Head of the Year conference:

I saw the Lord, first of all washing your feet with butter and honey. I heard the Lord say, wherever you enter, whatever the soles of your feet will step upon, I will sweeten that ground because of you and bring healing to a whole generation. I saw nations rising up, nationsĀ  of people, with their hands lifted up and because of that which has been transferred from you, life and breath came into them.

Jane and Kathy Sanders shared about the new GameChangers initiative and how that will be rolled out to the nations. Jane said that GameChangers will be shifting the game to a new level. When our intentionality begins to rise to meet His intentionality, we begin to see prophetic words fulfilled.

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