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Transformation Team Members Trailblazing Life 2017


Date: To be announced
Information: Pat Kempf is leading a team to Honduras at the request of the Honduras Aglow International members to host sessions.
Contact: Pat Kempf – safeguard2@sprynet.com


Date: May
Information: Janet Mangum is speaking at the Oregon Aglow Retreat.
Contact: Janet Mangum – Janet Mangum – melonie.mangum@me.com


Date: September
Information: Pat Kempf is taking a team to Brazil to work with our Brazilian Aglow leader.
Contact:Contact: Pat Kempf – safeguard2@sprynet.com

There are plans in the making with Pat Kempf for South America, Chris Sheeley for Alaska, Teresa Etter for California, Delita Cordes and Fran Hallgren for Africa, and as they unfold with dates and costs, we will post them on the blog. Please remember that if you believe you are called to any of these trips, team leaders need to know ASAP. When a team forms, we crystallize the outreach and it must be done months before arriving in the country. The mission will not occur if we are unable to gather the necessary number of team members. So if you think you are interested, contact the team leaders right away!

2017 Finished

Evangelistic Training and Application Cruise

We held a variety of workshops onboard the ship.  There were tremendous salvations, healing and blessing prayers in a variety of settings while cruising.  When we stopped at ports of call, Grand Caymans held an Aglow gathering with worship and sharing and Jamaica opened doors to share and pray with both the rehab. facility and the local university.  What a wonderful time we had together sharing the Good News of Jesus.


Team Leader: Shirley Terris

The Gospel outreach team in the Philippines was led by Shirley Terris. Miracles flow as God convinces people that Jesus is God, their loving Savior and friend!  It’s life changing for sure! The Aglow Team had 4 team members, 2 from Florida, 2 from Washington. There were about 20 Filipino team members including pastors, crusade band, and others. We worked the Province of Aurora in northern Luzon, going to schools, putting on crusades, a conference, and speaking in churches. We also went to the offices of mayors, passed out Bibles to new believers, and saw 29 Bible studies get established.Praise the Lord for His love and mercy.

Final Figures
Crowd Ministered 3342
Salvations 2792
Healing 705
Bible Studies 29
New Church 1

What a blessing the team was. When the team leader became sick, the team pulled together with Doyal Seale stepping into leadership and the other team members stepping in to help. The Filipino team we partnered with was very well organized and prepared. The children were a blessing, in schools and at crusades partaking of dancing and exercises.


Date: March
Information: Janet Mangum spoke at the Montana Aglow Retreat.

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  1. Wanda Pitts
    May 26th, 2016 at 06:32 | #1

    Go Team Transformation! I am so excited to read of what you are doing to build God’s Kingdom around the world. I will always treasure my time to have been part of the team. Love & Blessings to you all!.