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A Delightful Time Crossing Cultures in the USA

As we have done for the past 8 years a group of Christians made their way to Michigan from around the country
to demonstrate God’s love to the city of Dearborn.
A total of approximately 80 folks- 26 of us designated
as from Aglow-did service projects throughout the city which the Arab Chamber of Commerce which directed us. Much of this work was for HYPE, a YMCA-type facility, and also at the home of a local woman whom we knew
who needed help at her home. Other teams were involved with walking the streets, greeting people and passing our bracelets.We also prayed throughout the neighbor as well as at a strategic park. We found the people to be very friendly, open and many valuable
conversations occurred.
As always we learned and received as much as we gave. Many commented how much they enjoyed the leisurely pace at which we were able to proceed as opposed to working at the Festival when every minute was scheduled. We found that several of the folks we spoke with were
aware of our previous labors there and recognized us as the “good” Christians. In fact, a owner of a local restaurant, when our group was mentioned, said that
we were not just good people, we were angels. Another businessman recognized the T-shirt and commented how he had given water for the work last year and how much he appreciated us. He also said that if we needed anything next year to please let him know since we treated his people so well . Actually it seemed that we were able to meet and talk with many of the business and religious leaders there, making contacts and
either starting new relationships or building already existing ones. We were invited for a meal at the local mosque, largest one in America, and our leaders were able to talk with the imam. Then later in the week part of the group went to a different mosque where the imam gave a flower to each woman in the group and bought ice
cream for all. It is our hope that relationships of trust with one another will continue to grow.

by Cheryl Erbes

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