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2015 Transformation Ministry Opportunities in Process!

October 16th, 2013 No comments
with these 2015 Transformation Ministry Opportunities

California – PASADENA ROSE PARADE – December 31+  Barbara Pritchett, team leader. 

Activation Cruise in Planning for early January or February.   If interested, contact Janet Mangum at melonie.mangum

Honduras – early March 2015   Sharing God’s love through micro-business ‘close encounters’.  Pat Kempf, team leader.

Philippines – March 20-29, 2015  Last year’s trip was incredible.  Don’t miss this one!   Concert outreach, schools & government. Shirley Terris. team leader.

California!  Here we come!  April/May 2015  “New Wine Adventures”  Prayer scouting and sharing His story through your story. Teresa Etter, team leader.

Brazil – May 4-14, 2015  Sharing His story and our story.  Janet Mangum, Team Leader.

Michigan – May 6-8, 2015 Tulip Festival  Prayer Scouting, service, and Sharing His story and your story.  Cheryl Erbes, team leader.

Croatia – June, 2015  Telling His story and your story, encouraging our sisters and brothers in this ancient country.  Jill Torgerson, team leader.

Michigan, DEARBORN – June 18-21  Servant Evangelism.  Cheryl Erbes, team leader.

Alaska – June, 2015  Head north to remote villages. Getting the Word into  hearts of children and adult ministry of various (fun) types.  Fran Hallgren, team leader.

Alaska – July, 2015  Further north by bush plane. Getting the Word into the hearts of children and adult ministry of various (fun) types.  Fran Hallgren, team leader.

California! July/August 2015.  More “New Wine Adventures” with Teresa Etter, team leader.  Prayer and sharing His story and your story.

California – summer,  2015  “Gold Country Adventure” with Teresa Etter, team leader.  Prayer and sharing His story and your story.

Ecuador  – late Sept/early Oct 2015 –  Bilingual Spanish English speakers needed! (but not rquired to be part of this team)  Micro-business and sharing His story/your story.  Pat Kempf , team leader.

Uganda – Oct/Nov 2015  Outreach to remote villages in Uganda.  School/orphanage, jail, government visitation and more. Team leader Fran Hallgren.

South America – 2015  Working with CMC to evangelize and plant churches.  Country/dates TBD.  Fran Hallgren, team leader.

Oman – February 2016   Prayer Scouting team.  Contact Cheryl Erbes, team leader  at

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