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“Planting” more than Plants in Dearborn

June 19th, 2013 No comments

A small group of Aglow folks joined other believers from all
over the country to make our presence and that of the Lord’s presence
known in the city of Dearborn. There were around 90 people who came
simply to serve those living in Dearborn, both Arabs and other nationalities.
Members of that group were from New Mexico, North Carolina, Florida, New
York, Georgia, and more and of course, Michigan. We all were called to come and
show our love and support for the Arabs there, particularly the Arab
Chamber of Commerce, and to continue our involvement in building
relationships with them.
Because of the legal and insurance expenses incurred during the previous Festivals,
this year’s Festival was cancelled. We, however, felt that to travel to Dearborn and
show our concern/ God’s love for the people, not just the actual Festival, would speak loudly
to them. This is exactly what happened. The officials were so amazed and, on several occasions
moved to tears, when trying to express their gratitude. We weeded, planted, mulched and
watered day lilies on 16 blocks of Warren Ave., the major street on which the Festival is
usually held–praying that we were planting more than flowers! Because the time schedule
was not as organized, we were able to speak with many people as they passed by and especially
business owners as we worked on the area near their businesses.We were able to pray with
a number of those passing by as well as doing much prayer walking throughout
the neighborhood.Also some of the younger guys helped with a major basketball
tournament, running scoreboards and keeping books. There
was also some painting done on their recreational facility. Saturday evening we hosted a
banquet for the city officials, police and Chamber employees . Many kind and thankful words
were spoken–they still are in shock that we were willing to come to Dearborn.
Lastly, because of the situation, we had expected some ill will but that never happened.
Generally we were treated with gracious generosity wherever we went.
When we first heard the Festival was cancelled, we were saddened. However, our God has a plan
and much good was done and many “plants” planted for His glory.

By Cheryl Erbes

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Scouting like Joshua and Caleb in Holland, MIchigan

June 19th, 2013 No comments

A team of ten women attended the Holland Tulip Festival in Holland ,MI, from May 8-11, 2013. Our objective was to
experience the Festival which is the third most visited Festival in the USA and to get ideas and inspiration for what
might be done in an outreach situation for the coming years. Not only did we enjoy seeing those beautiful tulips everywhere
but also have many conversations with other attendees as well as the local folk.
We basically divided our time into two categories- attending Tulip Festival events,
“spying out the land”, assessing the atmosphere and prayer driving/walking
AND praying and dialoguing together to ascertain what God was telling us there
at the time and for the future.

There is a established and respectful traditional link between God and most of the people in Holland.
When in conversation with folks and asked why we had come (interesting question to me as
there were thousand of tourists there), we replied we were there to pray for the city and its people, almost
everyone responded how wonderful that was and how the city needed prayer. Unfortunately
often when continuing the conversation, we asked how we should pray for their city and found that
most requests involved their own personal needs or silence. There was little vision for their own
purpose or that of the city with regard to active pursuit of God.

Since our original plan was to be like “Joshua and Caleb” spies,we were not seeking to actively evangelize.
I am sure, however, that after these many conversations, questions and intrigue grew in people’s hearts
as they considered this mysterious possibility of a personal relationship with God. It is our hope and conviction
that this will occur in Holland.

Since we received two very strong words from the Lord directing planting seeds and alerting us to
Holland’s purpose when praying together the first night, we also activated the area with the prophetic
act of sprinkling seeds in many place around the city. It was amazing to us that after we split up in
twosomes and prayed around the downtown area for a couple of hours, we had covered 6 of the 7 mountains
in prayer without any previous planning or discussion.One of the memorable times of the trip was when 8
of us crammed together in a van and drove around Hope College campus at 9:30PM praying, declaring,
singing and planting seeds. We trust that God will reveal Himself there to those college students. We are
looking for a revival in that city.

Thanks once again for faithfully praying for us. We could definitely tell that there were prayers on our behalf.
All in all, we were moved by the care and co-ordination God provided as we gave ourselves to this task.
We were very thankful to have been a part of His plan.

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