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Microbusiness Opportunities, Summer 2013

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The purpose of the Aglow Micro Business Transformation Outreach is to provide an evangelistic opportunity that has the potential to transform lives. Our goal is to minister to the whole person: spirit, soul and body. By showing the tangible love of Jesus in providing skills to create items to sell we can empower people to provide for the needs of their families, helping them to be a part of a business, or start their own business. Our hope is that those who learn will be able to help others to learn, sharing the love of Jesus, who cares for all people and wants them to experience a personal relationship with Him. Our goal is transformed people who impact their families and communities for Christ.

The Micro Business Transformation opportunities for 2013:

March 5 – March 19, 2013 – Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil
This opportunity is in the Northern part of Brazil. We will need a team that can teach jewelry making and quilting. We will spend 15 days in Fortaleza, 7 days teaching skills, including one day of basic business concepts. Opportunities for ministry will include speaking for church services, and a one-day retreat. We will be looking for donations to purchase sewing machines estimated at $225 each, and other supplies. The cost of the trip is $3000.00, with the deposit of $ 1500 due Oct 30, 2012, and final payment of $1500 due on Nov 21, 2012.

July 3 – 17, 2013 – Generations Group – Salinas, Uruguay
This opportunity is for the Generations Group. We will need a team of 6 – 8 that will teach jewelry making and do carpentry projects for 5 days. The Carpentry group will bless the widows and single moms in Salinas by working on some of their fix-up needs. This group will have opportunities to minister in churches, host a youth rally, and much more as they work with the Generations Group in Uruguay. The cost of the trip will be $2400.00, with deposit of $1200 due March 22, 2013 and the $1200 balance due May 15, 2013. We will be looking for donations for beading supplies to take & carpentry supplies to purchase in Uruguay.

July 2 – 16, 2013 – Gramacho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This opportunity in the state of Rio de Janeiro, will be for a team that will teach quilting. A day of shopping for sewing machines and site-seeing will begin our 13 days in the Rio area. This team will have 6 days of teaching, including basic business concepts training. Ministry opportunities will include speaking in churches, and a one-day retreat. The cost for this trip will be $3000.00, with a deposit of $1500 due March 20, 2013 and the $1500 balance due May 15, 2013. We will be looking for donations to purchase 4 sewing machines at $200.00 each, as well as other quilting supplies.

July 15 – 30, 2013 – Aparecida do Norte, Sao Paulo, Brazil
This opportunity will need a team to teach quilting. This team will have 7 days to teach the quilting technique in making bags, table runners, wall hangings etc. and basic business concepts. The ministry opportunities will be preaching in churches and a one-day retreat. A day of shopping and site seeing is included in this 14 days in Brazil. The cost will be $3000.00 with the $1500 deposit due March 20th and the $1500 balance due May 15th. We will be looking for donations for sewing machines at $200 each as well as other quilting supplies.

For those wishing to participate in both July Brazil teams: July 2 – 30, 2013 the cost will be $4590.00, with deposit of $2300 due March 20th and the $2290 balance due May 15th.

For further information or Transformation Team application contact Pat Kempf, Aglow Micro Business Team Leader, at .

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THURSDAY and FRIDAY October at National Conference 2012

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2:30-5pm Thursday – Transformation Activation in Doubletree Hotel Silverwood Ballroom.  Everyone welcome.  Fresh equipping, inspiration and direction!

Friday afternoon – Invite guests walking by to come Friday for evening free service and be ready to share our faith if hearts are open!  12:30 to 2 .  Contact for more information.   Come join us.


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