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PHILIPPINE March Outreaches

March 19th, 2012 No comments
Prayer of Salvation
Volcano Aglow CMC Team

To God be the glory

Legaspi Area Philippines

February 29-March 15 was a glorious time partnering with Church Multiplication Coalition and the local pastors and leaders in the Legaspi area of Southern Luzon in Philippines.

We were 51 team members strong. 16 came from Aglow Australia, Canada and U.S. The work was from early morning to late evening and days were filled with schools, homes, marketplace settings and concert venues with a government office every few days for courtesy calls. Cheryl Erbes and I led the team with Patricialyn Taylor and Teresa Etter’s assistance working with Rev and Mrs Boyonas of CMC and Rev Lem and Aglow National Leader Tessie Felicio as local ground team leaders. We had 18 concert celebrations and schools daily either in assemblies or room to room. We brought from One Touch Awakening 240+ pillows with cases to give away. See the One Touch Report for more info on what happened with the gifts. We experienced over 15,000+ in attendance with over 13,600+ praying the prayer of salvation. Without the count for the last two concert celebrations, we saw over 7,200+ in the healing lines with 50-70% of them raising their hands saying they knew they had received their healing. Who knows how many more in the next days ahead? Only God! Also without the count from the last two celebrations 99 home Bible studies were begun from all new converts. There were a significant amount of pastors working with us to church plant in the areas where there was little or not previous church. What an honor to “go beyond” as Apostle Paul always did. Team members, spoke in ways they had never done before, prayed for more people than they had ever prayed for, knocked on doors, went classroom to classroom sharing Jesus in schools! Praise God for open countries that welcome the good news of Jesus!

Next year – your turn! Jump in! Yes, its work. Yes, you’ll be tired. But oohhh the glory of God’s presence and fruitfulness of His Spirit!