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August 2010 Lois Koss Team

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Negros Oriental became our home for the first few days. We were privileged to stay in gracious comfort at the home of the new Aglow National President of the Philippines, Teresita Felicio and her Pastor and husband Lemuel. While there, we poured our what the Holy Spirit had prepared in us on a radio station, in various churches, and at the local charity hospital. You draw deep from your well; you find faith you had not realized had matured; and you give from your heart.

The response of the Philippine people was so enthusiastic. There were hundreds who responded to every altar call at every venue. Most were committing themselves to trust Jesus and be born from above; but those who already had some relationship to the Savior came with the purpose of becoming ever closer to their God.

Crusades were joyful events. When we fanned out to invite neighborhoods, the children followed. The parents came later. Responses were nearly 100% of the hundreds who came; and we prayed for each one, seeing several on-the-spot healings, which built faith on both sides.

At the Aglow regional conferences, hungry, eager men and women came to learn what would strengthen the foundations of their faith and help them keep going and growing together. As our team shared exhortations, vision, and nuggets about interacting in leadership, I find that after an absence of 15 years, I am continually impressed with the maturity and wisdom God has trusted to His arm called Aglow. Aglow is indeed a compassionate and powerful force for good and for exampling Jesus.

We continue to reverberate with the strength and sincerity of the worship in the Philippine Islands. May God be greatly glorified in each precious person who lives as His Filipino friend.

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