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An Exciting “God Adventure”

What an experience we Aglow women had as we moved around the country of Israel praying at specific notable places of our Christian/Biblical heritage.  The Prayer Tour was both inspiring and humbling. To know that you were standing of the actual soil where some of these great promises of God were spoken, was beyond comprehension. One has to believe that the prayers prayed hit the mark and made a difference in the heavenlies. That was an experience that will never be duplicated.

To observe the Israeli families celebrating Shabat, dressed up in their finest and eating and drinking the best, so serious about their beliefs was awesome. I happened to drop in the dining room where many families were exuberantly singing songs at the top of the lungs—what an inspiring moment. The 170 Aglow women (and men) who patiently waited in line for food and the restrooms were devoted to  praying in the heat of the day. They were getting done what they had come for-to pray at the ancient sites of promises given. I can only be assured that those prayers were heard and are being worked out by the Father.

Janet and I stayed on for another week in Israel and we kindly guided by a former Aglow American woman who truly loves Israel-both the Jews and the Arabs. We were introduced to such a wide variety of people and saw many sites which we did not expect to see. As we ministered I was struck by the fact not only of God’s creativity in so many languages and cultures but also of His love for each and every one of them. We were truly privileged to meet and extend God’s love to them in the small ways we were able. God has a plan for each of us and His plans will be fulfilled. I feel humbled and truly blessed to be a small part of His plan-truly an unforgettable time.

Written by Cheryl Erbes

Cheryl in Israel

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