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Israel’s Mega Mix

Wow, my first trip to Israel has been a unique experience in culture mixtures!  In such a small country there are so many mixtures it makes my head swim! What a delight to meet so many people from so many countries – some living here, some visiting.  I got to be in Jewish homes, Arab homes and met Russians and Americans and people from Philippines, Holland and on and on and on!  Everyone seems to have a different idea, way of living, looking and believing!  God loves unique expressions of His image and seems to delight in diversity!  As I sort through the myriad of things that need putting away from traveling over the last two months, a maid sounds great! It is reminding me of incredible experiences with people, experiences that delight my soul, bring a roar of laughter, and some that linger in sadness. What a God! What a life!

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  1. June 14th, 2010 at 07:55 | #1

    That is SO true. Such a mix of nationalities and beliefs.
    What a wonderful experience!!! If you have the chance
    to go to Israel, don’t miss it.

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