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Gideon’s Army Returns from Samar, Philippines

Philippine Street

Update from Rindy Reeves on Aglow Transformation trip to Eastern Samar in the Philippines in April.

Little is much when placed in God’s hands. How true we found this to be! Our Filipino host, director of Church Multiplication Coalition in the Philippines, Jill Boyonas, likened us to Gideon’s army. Many circumstances combined to reduce our team to only two – me and Carolyn Richardson from Florida.

Rindy and Carolyn off to preach.

God is smiling as I add that both Carolyn and I are quiet, shy women who don’t consider ourselves speakers, preachers, or teachers! All of heaven must have been cheering for us, and I know many of you were praying for us as we gave it our all and stepped out of our comfort zones to do what the Lord was asking us to do. The Kinkaids, a couple from England, joined us for the mission, and we all flowed in unity with the awesome Filipino team, which included three American resident missionaries.

We ministered to 5,896 people in the eastern part of the province of Samar, where witchcraft abounds and only 2% of the people are evangelical Christians. Until this year! In the 10 days in which we visited 4 towns, 4727 souls came into the Kingdom! And God is smiling!

Of the many healings that took place during the crusades, the following were outstanding:
1. A cancerous lump the size of a marble in the breast of one lady immediately disappeared after prayer.
2. A young boy who was deaf and mute began hearing and speaking.
3. A gentleman in his 30s who could not stand for a prolonged time because of pain in his right leg walked three miles after the crusade without pain. He texted his pastor the following day to report of his healing.

Rindy and friends

Nine months before this trip, while in Ethiopia, I dreamed that I was pregnant with a baby named “Harvest.” The new birth of these souls in the Philippines is only the beginning! We are making disciples (we saw 53 new Bible studies and 2 new churches started while we were there) and transforming the world, one heart at a time.

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