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Peruvian Team Home 2010

Most of the team have arrived home after a hard working yet fruitful team trip.  Miriam remains visiting her family a few days.  Ilene and Louis are off touring in the mountains before they travel home.  The challenges were in communication, a small amount of sickness, sometimes coming home from praying for sick around midnight and some long rides in a van, alongside continual activity changes happening several times within a few minutes!  Through it all, God was glorified, people praying the salvation prayer, dynamic testimonies of healing (eyesight restored, speech restored, arthritis gone, pains leaving, heart palpitations gone) and on and on came the testimonies!  Freedom came from severe demonic oppressions! God planted seeds of His dynamic love over and over again and we look forward to their future harvesting! Believers encouraged and blessed with the tangible presence of God while others spoke in their heavenly language for the first time. How excited they were when they began hearing God’s heart of love for their needs.  It brought tears and gentle release from the Holy Spirit!  We marched in a pro-life parade in Lima with thousands of others and were interviewed on various stations.  More than 10 new Bible studies were opened in homes from new converts at the follow up time after the campaigns when the free Bibles were given away.  We met with lovely ladies who are interested in Aglow and many pastors asking to have an Aglow in their church setting.  Through it all, as God always does, bountiful fruit remains!  Praise God for His grace and the wonders of His love!

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  1. Jill Torgerson
    April 5th, 2010 at 12:48 | #1

    I will never forget the lady who came to me for healing of her
    eyes–who had her hands planted firmly over her eyes as she cried out for
    healing. As we prayed, I gently moved her hands from eyes covered with
    wrinkled, weathered skin—– she cried in astonishment that she was healed!
    She gave public testimony of this later. Eyes that once could not see and
    did not want observation from the outside world, now proudly presented them
    for all to witness.
    This trip raised my awareness higher than ever before of the dependence
    we have upon the Intercessors back home and amongst us. We were in places
    where demonic strongholds were felt and evidenced, yet we were protected
    and God moved in our midst. While we experienced enemy hindrances, the
    Spirit of the Lord had no problem reaching the people as they responded to
    His love, compassion, healing, and deliverance from evil. They were circled
    and crowned with Christ’s glorious love–so strong at times that all present
    could only weep in delight. So many times, those touched by Jesus chanted
    over and over again, “Gracias, Jesus.”
    Coming home I remembered Christ saying to me, “I turn my face to the
    precious ones who cry out to me, Lord, send someone.” So, I sent this team.
    And I sent you. To God be the Glory.

    Jill Torgerson, Peruvian Transformation Team

  2. Sylvia Maria
    April 5th, 2010 at 16:36 | #2

    Wow ! What am expirience. I left home feeling so inadequate yet knowing that God can use even an animal for His purpose. I thank God for our Intercessors, for we could feel God’s annointing in all the meetings, conferences and evangelism outreaches. It was a bleesing to see people accepting His love and coming into His kingdon.
    I will never forget the lady that could not hear and after placing my hands over her ears and praying she was able to hear and testified and was excited she began to practically spin when giving God the glory! Then there was the young boy that was also able to hear and speak , this happenened at a church after our forgiveness and healing meeting in Pisco. A lady was able to walk without pain after 2 years of leaping due to strong pain in her right knee. In one school Indhu and I prayed for a boy that was involved in a car accident and due to a bad broken leg he was not able to walk properly and his speech was very slow because of head injuries. We prayed and I know the Lord healed him. So I asked him to let us know when he was able to run and he aksed me for my address. So I expectantly am waiting to receive news from him soon.
    There were many miracles and the Lord moved to touch hearts, to tranforn lives, to show them His love and power.
    I was amazed at how open they are to the GOOD News, even Saturday at the hotel we prayed for Juanita (clerk) Hilda (housekeeper) and they received the Lord and the Holy Spirit and Pedro received the Holy Spirit too.You should have seen we all dancing upstairs in the resting area where we had a cd player playing worship! They were so full of joy and excitement as they joined us after praying to receive Jesus, receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit and now dancing and rejoicing with us in worship. Thank God we were able to give them Bibles and instruct them about a Bible study close to them.
    I knew it was from the Lord that I go and He really showed me so much love that tears still running from my eyes when I talk about it.
    So Gracias Papito lindo, Gracias Jesus Cristo what an awesome God we serve.All the Glory to Him that sit on the throne.

    Sylvia Maria Rodriguez,Peruvian Transfomation Team

  3. Fran Hallgren
    April 5th, 2010 at 21:02 | #3

    Wow! What testimonies!
    Back home we were hanging on every word that came from the Peruvian Team.

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