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Another Great Opportunity

I would like to invite you on a short and different mission trip to be a part of
the Arab Festival in Dearborn, MI.For the last four years Aglow
women and some men have been coming along a ministry
named Impact International in running the Arab Festival.
This Festival draws around 300,000
people in the three day weekend of June 18-20. If you have
any interest in Arab/Muslim culture, this is a wonderful opportunity
to see it in action without having to travel a long distance. In Dearborn is
the largest concentation of Arab/Muslims outside of the Middle East.

We will be leading a tour around
Dearborn and discussing “I” on Thursday afternoon and Friday
morning. Also we will be devoting Friday afternoon to prayer for
the event, those involved and the people of Dearborn. Friday evening to
Sunday evening we will be at the Festival.

Our responsibilities are basically serving the Arab Chamber of Commerce
with the actual organization of the Festival. Examples are hospitality with
vendors, crowd and parking control, helping in the children’s tent, clean up
and relationship building. This is NOT an opportunity to verbally share but rather a time
to learn and be a servant.It is a far different experience that any other TT trip as
we are able to communicate only with our actions and demeanor not our words.

Please let me know if you or any of your friends might be interested
in helping by emailing me at cerbes@excite.com or phoning
at 616-532-4257. Any questions or suggestions are welcome.

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