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San Diego Gathering

April 26th, 2010 No comments

Indescribable joy – that’s what the Word of God declares should be ours!  We experienced it together in dramatic life-changing ways!  Only God!  The leadership is amazing and our God was our lifting!

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Virginia Aglow Retreat Freedom

April 26th, 2010 1 comment

WOW!  What a team, what a joy.  Truly God was in our midst!  If you live near these amazing Virginia gals and guys – jump in, the water’s fine!  Freedom range once again!  The freedom bell rung loud – to be what God has designed, called and anointed them to be!  It was a water level raising time for all of us for sure!  God’s tangible presence could be felt in dramatic ways!

Healing testimony of a gal with a foot issue in pain chronically that was totally healed, jumping up and down and others believing they were healed that needed to get confirmation further soon.

Tiredness was reported over and over…just heavy weights of life -lifted by God’s presence into a Holy Spirit Party, singing dancing and walking in the unique expressions of God’s Spirit in just lovely ways.

We were all encouraged.  It sounds like a simple word, but it was dynamic and life-changing and all because He was there with us!  Good reports keep coming in and we all trust we will never be the same!

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Transformation Mission – Alaska July 2010

April 14th, 2010 No comments

“2010 is the year of the wind…Alaska will see a move of the Holy Spirit among the Native Alaskans.  New wells of revival will break out and many will drink from the well of salvation.”  (Cindy Jacobs)

Keep Copper Center, Tazlina, Glukana, Chitina, Delta Junction and Fairbanks Alaska in your prayers as the transformation Team: Cheryl Fran Holly Sharon, Brenda, Braxton, Phyllis, Justin, and numerous Alaskan Aglow men and women jump into the heart of God for the local Alaskan residents.  May we flow and go in His Spirit!

Fran Hallgren, Mission Project Manager and 32- years Alaskan.

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Another Great Opportunity

April 5th, 2010 No comments

I would like to invite you on a short and different mission trip to be a part of
the Arab Festival in Dearborn, MI.For the last four years Aglow
women and some men have been coming along a ministry
named Impact International in running the Arab Festival.
This Festival draws around 300,000
people in the three day weekend of June 18-20. If you have
any interest in Arab/Muslim culture, this is a wonderful opportunity
to see it in action without having to travel a long distance. In Dearborn is
the largest concentation of Arab/Muslims outside of the Middle East.

We will be leading a tour around
Dearborn and discussing “I” on Thursday afternoon and Friday
morning. Also we will be devoting Friday afternoon to prayer for
the event, those involved and the people of Dearborn. Friday evening to
Sunday evening we will be at the Festival.

Our responsibilities are basically serving the Arab Chamber of Commerce
with the actual organization of the Festival. Examples are hospitality with
vendors, crowd and parking control, helping in the children’s tent, clean up
and relationship building. This is NOT an opportunity to verbally share but rather a time
to learn and be a servant.It is a far different experience that any other TT trip as
we are able to communicate only with our actions and demeanor not our words.

Please let me know if you or any of your friends might be interested
in helping by emailing me at or phoning
at 616-532-4257. Any questions or suggestions are welcome.

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Peruvian Team Home 2010

April 5th, 2010 3 comments

Most of the team have arrived home after a hard working yet fruitful team trip.  Miriam remains visiting her family a few days.  Ilene and Louis are off touring in the mountains before they travel home.  The challenges were in communication, a small amount of sickness, sometimes coming home from praying for sick around midnight and some long rides in a van, alongside continual activity changes happening several times within a few minutes!  Through it all, God was glorified, people praying the salvation prayer, dynamic testimonies of healing (eyesight restored, speech restored, arthritis gone, pains leaving, heart palpitations gone) and on and on came the testimonies!  Freedom came from severe demonic oppressions! God planted seeds of His dynamic love over and over again and we look forward to their future harvesting! Believers encouraged and blessed with the tangible presence of God while others spoke in their heavenly language for the first time. How excited they were when they began hearing God’s heart of love for their needs.  It brought tears and gentle release from the Holy Spirit!  We marched in a pro-life parade in Lima with thousands of others and were interviewed on various stations.  More than 10 new Bible studies were opened in homes from new converts at the follow up time after the campaigns when the free Bibles were given away.  We met with lovely ladies who are interested in Aglow and many pastors asking to have an Aglow in their church setting.  Through it all, as God always does, bountiful fruit remains!  Praise God for His grace and the wonders of His love!

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