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Subject: 3.12.2010 – 6 weeks till Internet Evangelism Day and Good Instruction Available.

Internet Evangelism Day only 6 weeks away and a good resource for us.

Web Evangelism Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/internetevangelismday
which we invite you to join. Just click the ‘become a fan’ button at the
top. Three ready-made items at the end of this email:
1. For news media, newsletters, church announcement sheets, blogs etc, for
which the first paragraph explain everything, and  subsequent paragraphs are
optional extras (please make sure the IE Day URL remains in place at the
end!). If you use all paragraphs, it is 217 words.
2. Short: for Facebook posting (under 420 characters) 3. Very short: for
Twitter (under 140 characters)

They are added below, and you can also grab them online with formatting at

Royalty-free pictures to accompany any news item are available at

Blessings and grateful thanks

Tony Whittaker
IE Day coordinator
Tel: 01283 702334

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