Let the Journey Begin!

Tel Aviv 2014We started our journey in the beautiful city of Tel Aviv, a modern city of innovation that represents the progress of the Jewish people in Israel.

The busy city is tempered by the soothing sounds of the Mediterranean Sea.  This photo was taken from historic Jaffa.

3 thoughts on “Let the Journey Begin!”

  1. Nancy McDaniel and I walked the 2 1/2 miles to Jaffa from Tel Aviv enjoying the beautiful view. Old Jaffa is a lovely city now conjoined to the municipality of Tel Aviv. Arabs and Jews live in harmony here.

    1. Sandy, I remember that ‘walk’ on Resurrection Sunday in 2011 after attending a church service in Jaffa with a dear sister from Aglow Alaska. It was my first time in Israel, Tel Aviv I felt the Lord prompting me to pray for the rest of the Aglow members arriving, the Israel tour and leaders. We would stop occasionally to sit on a bench and pray particularly at the top of Jaffa on our way back along the beach front to our hotels. (My first time to eat pistachio ice cream! Beautiful)
      It was really special for me and i felt the presence of the Lord there.
      The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not be in want. Psalm23. The Lord be with you all and safe travel. Blessings from Auckland, New Zealand.

  2. Glad to see that all went well. Even though I was unable to go! seeing the pictures have made me partake of that blessing

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