Thursday Morning Global Leaders’ Summit Part II

Graham shared again for the second part of our Thursday morning Global Leaders’ Summit. His topics included the power of proclamation and confession and how to be a consistent overcomer. I loved it! Graham started off by quoting 2 Peter 1:2-4

God has  granted to us his precious and magnificent promises so that by them we may become partakers of the Divine nature.  Having escaped the corruption in the world through lust.

What you perceive that God is to you must and will drive every thought, word and action in your life.

Grace is not just undeserved favor.  If it’s only undeserved favor, then Jesus didn’t have any.  He grew in grace and favor with God and man.  Grace has to be more than undeserved favor.

Grace is the empowering presence of God enabling you to  become the person that He sees when He looks at you.  When God looks at your He doesn’t see anything wrong with you because he put it on Christ on the cross and buried it, so please rest in peace.  Then he calls you to be resurrected and born again into a new life.  When God looks at you, he looks at you in the context of a new life.  Whenever there are gaps in that new life, there is no condemnation for us.

When God puts his finger on a part of your life that is not working, he is pointing to the site of your next miracle.

He is saying to you the Holy Spirit is excited about Jesus and your growth in Jesus.  He is saying we are going to do something here next.  He comes with a gift.  He comes with what God wants to give you and takes away the thing you feel you don’t have and replaces it with what He wants you to have.  He’s given you great, magnificent and precious promises so you can grow up in Christ. God’s promises empower you to become like Him..

God wants you to know what He is like.  He is surrounded by grace and peace. To multiply means to increase in number. It also speaks of something that will be constantly repeated until we come to a critical point where it is actually reproduced by the Holy Spirit.  Peace has to grow in you until you become peace… same for grace.  The grace of God is going to be constantly repeated until you are so full that you overflow.

Taking God for Granted

Two things God has granted us already: everything pertaining to life and godliness. Everything that elevates the true knowledge of who He is is YOURS.  You don’t need to ask for something that has already been given.  You have the spirit of wisdom and revelation in your life because you have the incomparable Holy Spirit in your circumstances.  God has granted it to you.  Grant means to allocate a specific provision; assign resources to fit the relationship or task.  Bestow the benevolence.  Something is granted to you.  When God grants you something he expects you to take hold of what is given.  This is mine, it belongs to me in Jesus. I have these resources.  I am this person.  I will have encounters with God.  I will have experienced the goodness of God.  The whole language gets you away from just being desperate for God and hope something happens.  It means you are constantly filled up.

To take for granted therefore, means to acknowledge something as belonging to you, to confess it, to declare it.

When under pressure, proclaim what you possess.  Give it away to other people knowing it’s going to come back, stronger, deeper and more powerful, and to use it to subsidize someone’s elses enterprise.  You know what God has granted to you, so you can give it away and it has to come back to you pressed down and running over.  The language of heaven is about addition and multiplication.  The language of earth is subtraction.

Someone speaking from heaven always adds something to you or multiplies something in you.

Second thing is by his precious and magnificent promises we become partakers of who he is. It’s important to God that you have promises from Him.  Promises are the currency of heaven, define who you are, define our circumstances, our life, and the events surrounding our walk with God.

Everything you speak a promise should come out of your mouth at some point, in your worship, declaration, confession, worshipping who God is and who God is for us.

There is an impact on our language.  The proclamations of God and the confessions of man creates, receive, declare, declare it back to Him it allows that word to be entrenched in your life and becomes part of you.

I receive the prophetic word and all the resources that are contained within it!

Proclamation and Confession

Our confession proves God is right.  Proclamations of God combined with the confessions of man creates a language that overcomes all obstacles and leads us into encounters and experiences that produce our identity. To multiply therefore in that context means we are to expand, extend, to spread out, to cause a build up of the nature of God within.  There is a territory inside of you that needs to be filled with who God is.

What I know is true about God causes me to grow outrageously in any circumstances that I inhabit.  When God grants you something, it’s the end of prayer and the beginning of proclamation.  It changes you from praying like a widow to praying like a bride.

We confess to the Lord and there is a delight in us to speak out the very word spoken over us.

We are speaking back to ourselves from a place of outcome.

That’s why we are becoming a prophetic people, we aren’t just in the present moving into the future but sometimes he wants to take us in the future to see what it looks like, see something completed. Coming back into our life in the present, we wake up and we understand there is an outcome that is absolutely guaranteed.  A kingdom that can take you into the future – John gets a revelation of the End Times so he can speak back into the present about the future.  It’s Jesus that’s opening the seals because he’s the one who is in control because He is still Lord no matter what is going on.  John is taken into the future and that word is here to empower and strengthen us and the book of Revelation becomes a devotional tool in times of stress and warfare.  We worship sovereignty, supremacy, no fear for us because death has already been dealt with.  Death, no sting, just crossing over the threshold.  We love who Jesus is in our life.  Revelation as a devotional took that teaches us how to experience and encounter God when all hell is breaking loose.

Matthew 16: 18, 19 – on the revelation of Jesus the whole church is built. From truth comes the keys of Kingdom.  We bind the enemy and loose what God wants loosed.  We will be seeing more miracles than ever before.  There is no place for fear in our lives but only a place for perfect love.  It’s perfect love that casts out fear.  There’s something so wonderful and compelling about the nature of God.

Believers cannot be overwhelmed but will find themselves conquerors in Christ

Learning to Overcome

Victory is about you getting power over yourself.  You starting to live in the inner man of the spirit.  He gives us victory in us, not our circumstances.  Victory is individual, internal not external. The triumph of the spirit over the soul in our own lives.  It’s the alignment between you and Heaven.

We learn to overcome in our situations and circumstances – overwhelm the enemy, stand against him and not to give into his lies and intimidation.  We are not easily deceived. We know how to receive under pressure.

We become more than a conqueror when in the day of trouble the enemy fails to show up.  The enemy can’t reach where we are.  The answer is to explore what fullness is all about. How can we as a company of friends enable one another to access the high places in God?  We get to call each other up into the next version of ourselves.

Welcome to life in the Kingdom!  Just like continual version upgrades like on your smart phone:  3.3 version then in a few months comes the 4.6 version, etc. because God is upgrading you all the time.

Every circumstance is part of your upgrade.  Only God can do it that way.  It’s important to say things out loud.  Don’t just think brilliant things, say them.  We’re not born again to be ordinary.  We are chosen as failures with the outrageous promise of succeeding.   See past failures and see them completely redeemed.

In Philippians 3:12 Paul says “Not that I have already obtained it or have already become perfect (mature) I press on so that I may lay hold of that from which I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.  Not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet, but…

  • Forgetting what lies behind
  • Reaching forward to what lies ahead
  • Pressing on towards the goal of prize…

Let us therefore, as many as are mature have this same attitude.  If you have a different attitude God will reveal that also to you.”

One thing he mentioned is an outcome.  The others are just two steps – step away from present past into a present future lifestyle.  Reach forward.

Stepping forward, reaching forward for those things that already belong to you in Christ Jesus.  Always moving towards the outcome God has granted you.  Take God for granted.  The language of promise — I believe that’s the love language of God.  All the kind intention of His will is pushing in your direction.  He’s delighted you are in his household,  It’s got things so important for you and to you, he looks at you and says what happened, I wanted to give you all this, and you just took this… what happened?  I wanted fullness and abundance and you took only a small measure.

See the Kingdom not just the world and its difficulties.

Promises are currency…

Everything in heaven is behind His Word.  He talks in promises and permissions. Everything is yes and amen in Christ.  Take my yoke upon you, my peace I give you.  Be of good cheer, abide, full of permission, promise, identity.  A promise may take time to come through but can live by it during the process.  It isn’t just the outcome but saying you can be successful in the process.

You can’t go through life blind.  You have to let people know.  Speak to people.

You must SEE.  You must SAY!  You must SEE and you MUST SAY!

To overcome consistently we need to know who we are in Jesus and how we are perceived by the Father who only sees who we are in Christ.

If everything pertaining to life and godliness has already been granted then we do not need to ask for it… take it for granted: that it is mine and step into it as if it has always been in my life.

When we believe God we become like Him.

Holding on to a promise is holding on to the truth that I will become more like God.  We get to breath life into our own situations.  Your confession breathes life into your circumstances.  Your circumstance cannot stand against your confession.  Confess and confess and confess.  It has to become like your very life force. Say “I thank you for this prophetic word and all the resources that come with it.”   There is an energy and power in it.  We are liberated into fullness out of measure. God is not satisfied with who you are right now.  The 8.9 version is on the way… Is there an app for that? Probably.  Our job is to explore life.  When God is granting you something it gives you excitement.  He went out there (Caleb) and explored that territory and saw the land, cities and vineyards.  He was just as excited when he saw giants.

It was the land of promise. If the enemy is in the land of promise he has a particular role in your life.  The enemy was created to serve the purposes of God and nothing is changed.  When you see a giant, the enemy is trying to say to you you can’t overcome him, you are a grasshopper.   The Holy Spirit shows you the same thing.  Caleb was a man of a different spirit because he gets it.  He knows the enemy will be God’s prey.  He’s a man of a different spirit.  That’s what we are breeding in Aglow. …men and women of a different spirit.  We take our cues from heaven.  We are called by His glory and by His excellence to become glorious and excellent.  We cannot be called by glory and excellence and not become it.

You are not just one – your are the one.

It’s not just you – its you plus Jesus – Jesus plus you!

You cannot be called by glory and excellence and not become it.  We are learning to live with the true knowledge of God where grace and peace is being multiplied.

Everything is wrapped up in glory and excellence.

I expect to win.

What has God spoken over you?  What promises has he granted you?  Get away from needs driven culture and come under our inheritance so we can start to move in the opposite spirit. It also means we can cheerfully abide in all that the Father wants to be in you.  Your confession needs to join His language of heaven about who you are.  Your words join Gods words and something is created in you. Something needs to be spoken out loud constantly and consistently.

Aglow is pregnant with a new thing. We are pregnant with permission.  We are giving birth to a new sound in the earth.  It’s the voice of Heaven speaking in the earth.  We are used to the voice of petition and prayer.  Now it is required of us to use the voice of proclamation to carry something new in the spirit verbally.  The voice of the groom and bride in agreement together.  Pray like a bride, not like a widow, like someone who is wonderfully loved. God is courting us right now.  A passion is coming into this movement right now.

We are a people gripped by the passion of God for us.  So in love with who He is and not accepting anything less.  There is an open door in Heaven – his name is Jesus and it’s been open for 2000 years.  We need to confess and declare and proclaim the things God says already belong to us and as those words go out into the atmosphere, our words join with the words of heaven. There are  unclaimed upgrades all over this room.  Only your confession can bring them down.  We come forward for ministry and we want an impartation because we want someone else to do for us what God says you can do for yourself.  Start confessing who God is for you.

You bring down on yourselves the words you speak out.  Heaven’s perspective in Aglow creates a ruling voice on the earth.  Lets redefine our language to flow at least with the spirit and power of Elijah, but let’s think bigger than that!

The language of heaven that you speak in the earth has to contain the same weight and power it carries in Him.

A New Sound for Aglow

We are giving birth to a new ministry and new anointing, a new sound, a new voice speaking into the earth, the herald of Your coming.  We proclaim we carry a new sound.  We proclaim we are the voice of the groom and bride in the earth.  The love language is being spoken by us — salvation, healing sovereignty, overcoming — speaking spirit and power of Elijah, new mandate, clear sound of restoration. We are the beloved of God.  We speak the passionate heart of the bridegroom.  We proclaim that a window is open in Heaven and a doorway in Heaven from God.  A double portion of Heaven is open.

A way where there is no way in earth — giving us access to all God is releasing.  We will not be held back.


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