Sunday Morning Session with Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke with Tony and JaneOur Sunday session was a wonderful culmination for our conference. The worship — once again, led by Klaus and his team — was wonderful. Jane made time during our worship for us to pray for healing, and asked everyone who needed a touch from the Lord to pray specifically and with expectation that they would receive what they were asking for. A number of testimonies came in from people God touched.

Jane has said that she believes the we will see many more manifestations of healing in Aglow in the months to come. This conference is the beginning!

Graham was our speaker for our final session. He picked up where George left off the night before and shared about prayer. Here are some highlights from his message:

The way we think has to be fully aligned with the Father.

George Otis Jr opened a crack in the heavens last night and showed us a higher dimension of prayer. Our prayer life as a ministry needs to be aligned with a quickening spirit. We’re used to the slow buildup of prayer — but we need to step into a quickening spirit that says “Lord, do it now!”

We need to step out of our old tradition and into a new on that is more immediate.

We need to find out what Jesus is praying. What if we’re part of a three-fold prayer (Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and you)?

Delight in the Holy Spirit is the root of all discipline. He is brilliant at prayer!

God put you in the one place where He could 100% approve of you. He put you into Christ.

Discipline won’t take you into the Promised Land — only delight will do that. Your joy in the earth is to be delightful.

When the Lord gives you a promise, it’s like currency. You get to spend that promise on your problems. We have found favor in His sight. No matter what, we have found favor! That favor needs to be a part of our arising. Spend your favor on somebody else and it will come back to you.

It’s so important that you see people the way God sees them. He sees them as reconciled, and He sees us as ambassadors of reconciliation to bring people to redemption.

Giving releases the favor of God. We live in need because we aren’t giving consistently. Get into the habit of believing for something or someone every day.


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